Your neighbor likes to visit your property but you don’t have any hard evidence? Want to stop break-ins into your house or into your yard? You need the best outdoor security cameras for your home. Installing outdoor security cameras with good night vision, or setting up wireless outdoor security cameras, will really save you from troubles, and benefit you a lot.

According to FBI, home burglary is the most threat to our home, and it occurs every 13 seconds in the U.S. Now it should be time to install outdoor security cameras to stop intruders before they target your home. FYI, read the top 10 reasons why you need a home security camera system.

Outdoor Security Camera Reviews

To get the best outdoor security cameras, many of you prefer to find reviews for reference. However, it’s not enough. Almost all the outdoor security cameras reviews are specifying a detailed camera, or several of them. Yet, what you really need is the best suitable one for your house, and that really requires more thinking.

PoE and Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras for Your Home

Which do you need for your home, PoE outdoor security cameras or wireless outdoor security cameras? Many of you would prefer the latter one because you think “wireless” doesn’t need cables and this help to say goodbye to messy cabling. However, wireless doesn’t exactly mean “no wires”.

There is still a wire you need with a wireless outdoor security camera, and it is the power cable. Therefore, no matter if you choose PoE outdoor surveillance cameras or WiFi outdoor surveillance cameras, you can’t exactly avoid cables.

Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

Note: Some wireless security cameras do come with batteries, but make little sense. You don’t want to replace the battery every day, do you? It would be annoying.

The Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Your House

None can assert that a specific outdoor security camera is the best suitable one for you. You are the only one who knows what you need to get. In fact, the best suitable outdoor security cameras should meet the needs as below. You can check to see if the cameras you are looking for are the best outdoor security and surveillance cameras for your house.

1. Plug and Play Outdoor Security Cameras with Easy Setup

Installing outdoor security cameras for your front yard or back garden should be very easy. Many security cameras outside house are DIY-type. You can install all the cameras by yourself and all go straight forward. No need to hire technical staffs from companies. Here is the quick guide: 5 Simple Steps to Install a Home Security Camera System.

2. Waterproof Outdoor Security Cameras

One important feature for the best outdoor security cameras is waterproof. To secure your house, you may want to place the outdoor cameras in your openair yard or garden, and the cameras should be waterproof and weatherproof. They should work perfectly even in bad weather, like heavily raining or snowing.

Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera

3. Outdoor Security Cameras with Night Vision

About 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. Therefore, it’s best to install outdoor security cameras with good night vision, so that the thefts can be caught “in the act” even in dark nights. Some outdoor cameras can even capture clear images about 60 meters (about 200 feet) IR distance without lights in dark places, while some can’t. You need an even keener eye to catch.

Outdoor Security Camera Night Vision

4. No Fake Outdoor Security Cameras

Fake outdoor security cameras or dummy outdoor security cameras are in fact dangerous. Those cheap fakes can never help to capture evens happening around your house, and you will never know who the intruders are. Seriously, fake outdoor security cameras are just ornaments, and will never do what the real outdoor security cameras do.

If you are looking for dummy or fake outdoor security cameras with motion detection, stop there. Just spend some money for your security with real outdoor security cameras. And the real ones are not that expensive nowadays. You will really want to “catch” the irritating break-ins — no matter where you live, you will have had (or are still having) trouble with “nutty” neighbors or vandals in your local area.

Note: You may want hidden outdoor security cameras. In fact, it’s not good for home security. You’d better let others know your home is protected. Burglars or intruders are more likely to look for other easier target if they know you have an outdoor security camera and videos system.

5. Motion Detection and Trigger Alerts

One of the most important features about home outdoor security cameras is motion detection. It detects and records events when dangers occur. Moreover, it will send alerts to you immediately, so that you can know what happens around your house in time. The best motion detection outdoor security camera now can do:

• Push notification to your device.

• Send emails to you.

• Record and save events to its built-in SD card.

• Upload video footage and clips to a FTP sever

Therefore, no matter when an intruder comes to your house, you will see him and take actions (call the police, for example).

Note: Some outdoor security cameras come with SD cards and that will help for motion detection.

6. Outdoor Security Cameras with Remote Access via Mobile

The best outdoor security cameras should allow you to get remote access to your house and let you know what exactly happens, even if you are not there. Take out your mobile device, like a phone or a tablet, and you can get live views around your house no matter where you are, and when it is. You will get totally control of your house and get peace of mind.

Outdoor Security Camera with Remote Access

7. 24/7 Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Recording videos with outdoor surveillance cameras requires storage. Some surveillance cameras really do a good job for 24/7 recording, with the help of a NVR. To surveillance your home day and night, especially when you are on vacation, you can choose a super good outdoor surveillance camera system.

8. 4MP Supper HD Outdoor Security Cameras

Many security cameras in the market are with poor images, like the 720p and 1080p cameras. When you zoom in to have a closer look, it’s totally destroyed. However, a best outdoor security camera for home should record sharp and supper clear images for you. 4 megapixel cameras are the best preference. Do not look for the 720p or 1080p security cameras any more. 4MP security cameras for outdoor use are available.

Outdoor Security Camera Recommendations

If the cameras meet all your needs (refer to the above), you can tell they are the best outdoor security cameras for your home, for your back garden, for your front yard, or for any place outside your house.

If you do really want a specific outdoor security camera recommendation, Reolink is the one. You can go to the company’s official website to get the best outdoor security and surveillance cameras for your home.

Buy the Best Outdoor Security Cameras for Home

Online shopping has become the best convenient way to purchase outdoor security cameras. You can visit the companies’ official websites to buy cheap outdoor security cameras for your house, or go to Walmart or Amazon to buy the best outdoor security cameras for home.