Picture this. You are coming home from work at night, extremely exhausted and maxed out. Suddenly a loud knock on the door startles you. Upon opening the door, your aggressive ex muscles his way into your house and violently attacks you to the ground before storming out the house.

In reality, more females are targeted after an unpleasant breakup with their former spouse or intimate partners than males, according to Huffington Post. Sadly, many people are deeply harassed by their girlfriend or boyfriend's ex or wife or husband's ex.

Today we are here to share pieces of good advice on how to deal with a crazy ex. If you have more useful ideas on this topic, please feel free to join our discussion in the comments below.

Couple Argue

1. No Contact with Your Crazy Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

After you end a relationship with your ex wife or husband, the last thing you should do is to immerse yourself in the break-up.

Never go back to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend simply because you feel sorry about him/her. Once you've made the decision to split up, it is beneficial for both of you to move on and start a new life.

2. Ignore All the Text, Phone Calls & Emails from a Crazy Ex

More often than not, the obsessive and crazy ex boyfriend or girlfriend won't stop texting or phoning you after breakup, trying to ask for your approval to reconcile.

In such cases, the best way to deal with your crazy ex boyfriend or girlfriend is to be determined and ignore all the texts, phone calls, emails and even gifts from your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. It can be a clear sign to him/her that you are serious about the breakup and you have already moved on.

If the crazy ex still keeps bothering about you, you may add his/her phone number to the black list and remove him/her from your contact and friends lists on social media.

Delete Message from Crazy Ex

3. Install Home Security Cameras to Protect Yourself Against Crazy Ex

Are you victimized by willful verbal smearing, spooky stalking or collateral damage on new relationships or family from the angry ex-boyfriend or abusive ex-husband?

Or trying to gather evidence of your crazy ex-wife or ex-husband intentionally damaging your new place?

More often than not, the crazy ex does sneak around and attack ex-partner after coming back from work, an appalling story from a victim detailed the brutal assault on Live Mug UK.

A practical way to deal with the crazy ex is to get home security cameras from CCTV camera top brand. When your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend drops by your house unannounced or uninvited, you can be notified in real-time by your surveillance system.

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And if the vindictive or vengeful ex tries to break into your house or damage your place, the security camera video footage will be the most convincing proof for the police.

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4. Seek Help form Your Friends

It is understandable that you may be unwilling to talk about your emotional life with your parents. But your intimate friends will stand in your shoes and feel your pain.

Your friends can not only offer emotional support to help you get over the hardest time, but also protect your safety in other ways, like accompanying you home to get rid of a stalking ex-lover.

5. Call the Police

"What can I do if my ex-boyfriend is coming to my home late at night, drunk and causing a scene?"

Another practical way to deal with your crazy ex-boyfriend or husband who appears at your place without your consent is to call the police and get a police report, which is beneficial for you to get a restraining order later.

6. Get a Restraining Order

If your girlfriend's crazy ex boyfriend or your psycho ex husband goes to extremes and threatens you with violence, you may contact the local police or lawyer to get an anti-harassment order or a restraining order.

They can effectively keep your crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend away from your home and eliminate the harassment.

Other Alternatives

Besides that reliable outdoor security cameras or camera systems can help deal with the crazy ex, abusive ex, or narcissistic ex, there are also other measures on the table, for example, peephole cameras, Taser or gun.

If you are not in immediate danger but feel a threat is imminent, don't hesitate to seek helps from family, friends or authority to handle threat or assaults from bitter former ex.

  • Jozi Dandrea

    My boyfriend's 3 children are all over the age of 21. His exWife tried her best to get him back last summer using their children as bait saying he can have his family, if he goes back to her.

    She constantly texts him either to insult him, saying she raised these children without his help and he is a horrible father or stating their 23 year old college graduate doesn't want to get a job and then sending photos of their son in the Coast Guard.
    His ex-wife constantly throws money at these children. Who know if they go against her wishes, she'd not support and buy them houses, furniture and etc. I heard this directly from my boyfriends daughter.

    My boyfriend had a horrible childhood. Abuse, no self value and guilt. I know he has an amazing heart and live for his children. But the children's mother (ex-wife) is a bipolar sociopath. She is all about the drama and things on it.
    I've told him less is more. No contact at all. If his children don't respond to his countless texts, that's on them. And shame on them.
    A few years ago my boyfriend's married son who's in the Coast Guard, came to spend a few days sleeping over our home. He asked his Dad to pick up he and his wife down the street, in fear to have the mother (the exWife) know they would be sleeping his dad's. Their daughter couldn't live at home with the mother, because she never knew what was coming. His daughter would have such anxiety if saw the mothers car was in the driveway when she got home. My boyfriend offered her to live with us, in a home that I solely own. No one told the exWife because they were afraid of her reaction. That is just the tip of the iceberg. My boyfriend fears losing his children for good. I told him he cannot be fearful. To stay the coarse but take his power back from his ExWife regarding his children. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions?

  • Compass Amour

    Keyword your "boyfriend". Meaning you shouldn't be involved or feel obligated to deal with his marital issues. You need to remove yourself, and stay in your lane as much as possible or else you will be the next target. Let him deal with his ex.



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