Merry Christmas to everyone!

Oh, wait. Perhaps this Christmas would not be happy for 2 cute kids.

A "naughty" father, Phil, shared a video about how he "ruined" his 2 boys' Christmas via a present prank.

In the video, Phil gave his 2 sons Christmas gifts which were wrapped perfectly. The boys opened the 2 gift boxes with expectation and happiness.

But… only an onion and broccoli!!!! What a shock for the 2 boys!

The 2 boys said, "What? Oh my god, I don't want it!"  The 2 cute boys lost their mind and then ruined the boxes!

Phil used a Reolink C1 Pro WiFi security camera to record the 2 sons' hilarious and unbelievable reactions. Life's too short not to prank the little ones with terrible "surprises"!

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