Tell me if it strikes a chord with you. Do you feel anxious or violated about your neighbor's security camera pointed at your house? Or wonder if your neighbor can record you on your property?

With the popularity of residence security cameras, the disputes between camera owners and their neighbors have also arisen over privacy issues.

So, can your neighbor's security camera record your yard or property legally? What are the privacy laws concerning neighbor's security camera aimed at your house?

Or if you plan to install a security camera around your house, can you point your security camera at your neighbor's house? And can you install CCTV on your property with bad neighbors?

By the time you're done reading this post, you'll have all the answers to the above questions.

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Yes, Your Neighbor's Security Cameras Can Point at Your House If …

Essentially, the legality of your neighbor's security camera overlooking your property depends on what the camera is used for, what acts it is capturing and what your neighbor is doing with the video footage.

In the following scenarios, your neighbor can have security cameras pointed at your house legally:

#1. Your Neighbor's Security Camera Aimed at Your House Is Indeed Capturing a Broad Area

As the property owners, your neighbors are entitled to install security cameras in and around their house to stop burglars from targeting their home.

And you have the right to do so as well.

So if your neighbor places an IP camera for security purpose and it happens to capture your front door, driveway or yard which are visible from public areas, you can't press charges against your neighbor as you have no expectation of privacy outdoors.

Security Cameras Pointed at Front Door

Chances are that your driveway or yard is the collateral background in a legitimate monitoring of your neighbor's property. Just as the home security camera laws in California says,

"There are no restrictions, for a private person to have video surveillance cameras around their property for the purposes of security."

"If your cameras are located on your property in plain view, are not in a private place, and do not violate any state or federal laws, it would appear they would be lawful."

Though video surveillance of your neighbor's security camera in public areas is allowed without warning or consent, audio recording generally requires consent from at least one side in most states.

#2. The Footage of Neighbor's Security Cameras Overlooking Your Property is in Lawful Use

How your neighbor deals with the footage of his security camera pointed at your house, is another factor your need to consider.

As long as the recorded videos don't infringe on your privacy and are for lawful purpose only (like monitoring suspects or prevent package thefts at the front door), it is legal for your neighbor to point a security camera at your property in plain view.

In this video below, a porch pirate who hit the user's neighbor was captured by the Reolink security camera RLC-410 pointed at the front door. Thanks to the clear security camera footage, the package thief was identified soon enough.

Reolink RLC-410

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No, Your Neighbor Can't Legally Have Security Cameras Pointed at Your House If …

There are also exceptions in which your neighbor can't install security cameras aimed at your house.

#1. Your Neighbor's Security Cameras Point at Your House Where You Have Expectation of Privacy

Though your neighbor can record you on your property in plain sight, things are different for the places where you have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as your bathroom, bedroom, restrooms, locker rooms, changing/dressing rooms, etc.

According to the residence security camera laws, your neighbor might invite legal trouble in if he points security cameras at areas where you couldn't view without physically entering the premises.

Here is what the home security camera laws in California says:

Installation or use of any device for photographing, observing or overhearing events, or sounds, in a private place without permission of the people photographed or observed is against the law.

#2. The Videos of Your Neighbor's Security Cameras Are Misused

Worse yet, the perverted neighbors may point security cameras at your children's bedrooms to be a high-tech peeping Tom.

And some even post the video footage recording your activities on the social media.

Such wrongful application of home security cameras (like spying on you), without any doubt, is illegal and you can ask for the interference of law enforcement and claim harassment.

What to Do If Your Neighbor Has Security Cameras Pointed at Your House

Feel uncomfortable and nerve-wrecking about your neighbor's security camera pointed at your house/property?

Instead of using illegal ways to the jam the surveillance cameras, which would only make the matter become worse, below are some practical tips you can adopt after you find your neighbor recording you on your property.

The first golden rule is to talk with your neighbor, in a good manner.

Tell him/her how you feel about the security camera aimed at your house (they may be unaware of the fact) and ask with politeness if it is possible to adjust the viewing angle of the camera.

Another feasible way to block your neighbor's security cameras overlooking your property is to plant grown trees or fences as buffers, so as to blind the camera's field of view.

Put up Fences

In case that your neighbor's security camera pointed at your house has invaded your privacy and your talk also ends up in failure, the best solution, would be contacting the local police and contacting your attorney to file a lawsuit.

Editor's Tip: Check out more useful tips about how to block your neighbor's security cameras.

What to Look Out for If You Intend to Install Home Security Cameras Around Your Property

"Can I point my security camera at my neighbor's house?"

"Can I install CCTV on my property with bad neighbors?"

You should have got the answer after reading the above parts.

But to avoid possible disputes caused by your use of security cameras, here are some helpful tips you'd better keep in mind before installing your camera.

  • Stand in your neighbors' shoes and avoid pointing your security cameras at places where they have expectation of privacy.
  • Inform your neighbor of your use of security cameras and explain to them about your purpose to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Make sure the surveillance camera is installed properly.
  • Ensure the footage of your security cameras is for security purpose only and protect the videos from falling into the wrong hands.

Whether you have a neighbors' security camera pointed at your house in UK, Ireland, Scotland, California, Florida, Michigan or other places, the above information also applies for your situation.

And if you need any further help about your neighbor's security cameras pointed at your house, please feel free to leave your comment below and we'd love to help.


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  • Cal McMican

    in the state of california, drones must be over 250 feet off the ground over private property

  • Jennifer Travers

    My neighbor thanks someone at my house through mud on his house he put a webcam camera in his bedroom window and aimed it only at my backyard he has no security cameras anywhere around his house just the one webcam camera and his window is that illegal because it damn sure is a violation of my privacy

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Jennifer, if your backyard is not visible from public areas, it can be a violation of your privacy for your neighbor to point security cameras at your property. You may communicate with your neighbor first in a friendly manner and ask him/her to reposition the webcam. If the talk ends up in failure, seek help from the local police or your attorney to resolve the issue. Hope this helps.

    • Jessica Smith

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  • jkm

    I move into housing from hurricane 1st time. violence is all i seen. 3 even put a knife gun to my nine year old. i told 2 neighbors i had one which watch her as she plays. which. but it capture some unusual thnging knows . hos so i went and got a nite vision one to prove how they violence us. everywhere we go in apt she follows she knows which room it all. they call cps on me and she believes them which all 4 is cousins then 3 more in other buildingpp the manager is family. i went to housing told them i want to move asap they said apt be ready after christmas they bust my windows came in house and tamper with alarm through wifi housing said let her get with security. what to look for.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, there, did your security camera capture any videos that can serve as the evidence? If yes, you can hand in the footage to the local police and seek for their help.

      • Julia

        Hello everyone! My name is Julia. My neighbor, in small apartment , he's door right behind my door, in very short distance, installed video camera, that's really bother me, every time when I leave my place I feel really uncomfortable. And he is installing it when I move here, before was nothing. Is this legal to do that? What I can do to remove from him that camera? Thank you

        • Jenny Hu

          Hi, Julia, if your neighbor's security camera is designed to capture a large area and happens to capture your doorway which is visible from public areas, I'm afraid it is legal for him to put up the security camera for security purpose. But you may talk with your neighbor to ask directly if your doorway is actually covered by his security camera and let him know how you feel about it.

  • Michelle Bennett

    We have a neighbor with a video camera pointed into our home where I sleep. They tell the police it is to monitor their boundary line and the police believe them. They threatened to go to my church and slander me falsely. I don't even speak with them. The camera is not pointed at their boundary but monitors our coming and going. We realized they can see us inside our home. What can I do?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi, Michelle, you may hang curtains in your bedroom so that your neighbor won't spy on you successfully. And if your neighbor still continues doing so, it is best to seek help from the local attorneys to protect your privacy. Hope this helps.

    • Anti

      Put a camera up pointing at them and let them know. see how that works..usually bullies dont like being confronted..

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Michelle, under most situations, pointing security cameras at neighbors' houses will bring about privacy issues. It is best to negotiate with the neighbor and get their permission before setting up a security camera. In this case, it is also suggested that the household seeks help from police and the local attorney. Hope this helps.

    • Anti

      LOL SEEK HELP from the POLICE are you NUTS...

  • Anti

    Oh good grief here we go with PC Perfect .. I'm Offended.

  • Jay Diesel

    I live in illinois and my neighbor has a camera pointed at my tenants daughters bedroom. There is about 15 feet apart.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi, Joshua, if the doorways of the other tenants are in plain sight and you cannot view inside their apartments, it is legal for you to install security cameras to monitor your apartment complex. Hope this clarifies.

  • Viscount Superscumbag

    My sloped back yard borders the side of my neighbor's house. I have a 6 ft. privacy fence, and have adjusted my eave-mount security cameras to get a full view of my back yard. My cameras capture some movement in both the front and back yard of my neighbor's house near my fence – usually just their heads. Is this acceptable in Florida or do I need to reposition my cameras so it only captures movement within my fence line, thus limiting the cameras’ full view of my yard?

    • Kristen Nations

      Why wouldn't you do that anyway? Why have it capture anything on their property?

      • Viscount Superscumbag

        If I tilt the camera angle up, I get a wider view of my property but also a small part of neighbor's yard. If I keep angle only at fence level, I get a smaller view of my yard that would necessitate more cameras for coverage. I have a shallow yet wide backyard.

  • Tawnya Gray

    I live in St Louis Mo my neighbor behind my house put cameras on the roof of there house one is pointed at my kitchen window do I have any rights.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello, Tawnya, according to the Missouri state law, a person may not use a security camera on private property to record or observe residents inside without their consent. But if they are not intended to do so, they will be allowed to put security cameras on their own property. So, you may communicate with your neighbor and ask them to redirect the security cameras without capturing your property. Hope this helps.

  • Her Duh

    My neighbor has camera pointed straight at my home.. I think it records my children's bedroom windows and the bathroom window. I am really uncomfortable with this.. what can I do?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello, there, to protect your own privacy, take pictures of that security camera from your home as concrete proofs. Don't forget to close the curtains of your children's bedrooms and cover the bathroom windows as well. Then you may confront your neighbor and ask him/her to take down the video camera. If he/she refuses to do so, call the police and seek legal advice from local attorneys. Hope this helps.

  • Michele De Marco Hoover

    My neighbor has 3 cameras in his yard. They are all pointed towards my back door and yard. They are not attached to their house, not sure what type of cameras they are. Is this legal and should I go to the police? I am anxious! We are a farming community and I have outside animals. He is annoyed with my Tom Turkey. He called the board of health. Thay came today and said everything looks good for me. She told them about this being a farming community. He came over one day yelling and threatening my animals. First he complained about my rooster, so I sold him. Now my Turkey. Which I told him I wasn't getting rid of.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello, Michele, it is unacceptable and unlawful for your neighbor to set up security cameras that are only pointed to your property. Before contacting the police, you may take some pictures of those cameras as proofs. You may also search local laws on video surveillance and learn about the punishment if anyone goes against that law. Talk to your neighbor about the local regulations and ask him to take down or redirect those 3 cameras. If this won't work, go to the police with the proofs that you've collected or consult local attorney for legal advice.

  • Emalie Martinez Lambert

    I have a security camera pointed at the parking lot where all the cars, including mine, are parked. The neighbors are upset because they say I am filming their children. Their children are either at school or at their home, not the parking lot and the camera is for security purposes.

    • DiddlyD

      If one of their kids were abducted they would be running to you to see the video of the events to find the abductor to hopefully find their child. You might mention that to them when they give you a hard time and see their reaction.

  • Olivia

    Hello, John, it is illegal for your neighbors living across the street from me to set up a security camera and point it to your driveway and garage. You may demand them to redirect the security camera since they are monitoring your property without your consent. If they refuse to do so, consult local attorneys and take further legal actions. Hope this helps.

  • RL K

    Our neighbor has multiple video cameras that he moves around from time to time. I've had them shooting into my kitchen window, my living room and I suspect upstairs bathroom – as well as our driveway and back yard. He does it to irritate us, we try and ignore these people but they're awful. The cameras now are right near the property line so he's not even looking at his own property but just ours. Is this illegal in NH?

  • Peeta

    Our neighbor has multiple video cameras that he moves around from time
    to time. I've had them shooting into my kitchen window, my living room
    and I suspect upstairs bathroom – as well as our driveway and back yard.
    He does it to irritate us, we try and ignore these people but they're
    awful. The cameras now are right near the property line so he's not even
    looking at his own property but just ours. Is this legal in NH?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello, there, it is acceptable for your neighbors to set up security cameras at anywhere within his property and monitor his own home. However, if such cameras are pointed to your house on purpose, it would be illegal. Communicate with your neighbor and ask him to redirect the security cameras. If he refuses to do so, contact local police or attorneys for further assistance. Hope this helps.

      • Ran

        Thank you for your response – communication with these people is not
        an option, if we stepped on their property to try to talk w them they'd
        call the police (he is police), or seriously, possibly shoot – they're very entitled and obsessed with us. Thank you for
        letting me know it is at least illegal, I have documented a few of his
        camera placements and will continue to do so and just get a lawyer and
        see what happens. He's a digital peeping tom creep!

  • jane don

    where I used to live in a single story bungalow—with neighbors in two story houses–of course4 they could see in uncovered widows back yard ect–& of course no laws against starring all day-why would cameras be any different–

    • EastCoastJ

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      • jane don

        East-What are you talking about–Your rant has Nothing to do with cameras- Most religions are pretty Homophobic- there are Extremists in Every religion–but one cannot Honestly say Everyone in any religion is the exact same– The same as the majority of pedophiles are White & religious–not all white religious folks are Pedophiles-

    • Linda Elliott

      My neighbor has 5 cameras pointed into my yards and bedrooms. Audio video recording in Richland Washington, the police and Judge stated he may do so. The police said microphones maybe used to listen and the judges allow the cameras. Oh yeah it would take a 30' concrete wall to block him. RE Agent and rental property won't take the property. Yes I have spent $25,000 on attorneys to protect my self, single lady. I highly recommend this city to all men who like to spy on ladies.
      My attorney suggested I give my home back to the bank and walk away.

      • Guy Beck

        Buy a number of Leyland Cypress trees or similar , they are evergreens which will grow very fast, wide and tall thus giving you year round privacy and blocking cameras (no matter how high they are).

      • Christopher Larson

        Aim bright spotlights or infrared lasers at the cameras to overwhelm their CCDs and blind them.

        • Linda Elliott

          I put a small shop light on my porch and they filed a restraining order against me. To prevent audio I had a tiny am radio, they filled criminal charges for harrassment. They are 60' away. The arborvitae would have to be 40' tall and to clear the cameras and they still have one pointed in to my garage. Each time I open the garage door they come out and stare at me audio taping private conversations. Friday as I was leaving for work driving down my driveway she backed her car into my drivers side door and said zI ran into her.

      • Broken

        I have a neighbor that has had 7 all in my backyard, Called the police they said they can not do anything..So after 2 years I pointed one in his. I got arrested.. Oh my neighbor is a cop.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello, Phillip, in Wisconsin, one is only allowed to put security cameras towards his/her own property and public areas like a sidewalk in front of the house. You may negotiate with your neighbor and ask him to redirect the security camera and avoid capturing your property. Hope this helps.

  • Venu

    Buy a slingshot catapult. Whack the drone out of the sky. Stay out of the filming range and whack the camera lens with small pebbles. Or squirt some paint of the cam lens. Problem solved.

  • Venu

    Or get an air gun , if it's legal, and pop the lens after dark

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello, Meika, most states have passed laws to limit the height of artificial fences in residential areas. So, to avoid any legal issues, it is best to read local ordinances on fencing before building one to block your neighbors’ cameras. Hope this helps.

  • Stephen Whittaker

    I have neighbors who throw cigarette butts over their fence into my yard. I've asked multiple times for them to stop as I have a toddler who would find and put in her mouth. Police have told me I need to get cameras installed and catch them doing it for proof. How much of their property can I include in my screen? If I only have my yard I won't capture the person throwing them. I live in GA. Thanks

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Stephen, there are no such laws in GA regarding how much the neighbor's property that you can include in your screen. You may install a security camera at the front door and point it to your yard and fence as well. For more legal advice, it is best to consult local attorneys. Hope this helps.

  • Angela williams

    Is it illegal to point security cametas at your neighbours property

  • Angela williams

    Can my neighbour point hes security camera on my property

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Angela, we have analyzed and answered these two questions in Part 1 and Part 2 of this post and you may find explicit answers there. 🙂

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Connie, there are no such laws prohibiting individuals to monitor public areas where people don't enjoy an expectation of privacy. So, it would be totally fine to put up a security camera at the end of your driveway to record traffic. In terms of the two porch security cameras, to avoid any privacy dispute, it is best to point them to your yard only. Hope this helps.

  • Lynda Woodburn

    Hi I have a question please. My neighbours have been deliberately damaging my fence and the back of my spa house (from their side) and I need to provide evidence of this in order to bring a case of wilful damage against them – is it legal for me to have a camera above the fence pointing down onto both sides so I can record it if they do it again?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi Lynda, to avoid any privacy issues, it is best not to install a camera above the fence pointing down both sides. Instead, you may set up a camera at the closet wall to the fence and point it to the fence as well. So, you can record the neighbours damaging your fence without intruding on their privacy. Hope this helps.

      • Rita Skaza

        But if you can't see through the fence to observe what they are doing to the other side of it, how is that possible?

  • Derrick Dillinger

    My neighbor has a camera pointing to my pool he able to legally do that

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Derrick, if your pool is not a public area, then it is illegal for your neighbor to point his camera to your own property. You may communicate with him and ask him to redirect the camera. If this won't help, it is best to contact the local police and attorney for further assistance.

    • Linda Elliott

      In Richland Washington he can watch you on your toilet.

  • Leah

    My neighbor that faces my front door had her camera about knee height and it is only facing my windows and my front sitting area. It's not capturing anything on her property. I have asked her to move it because originally it was point solely at my front door (or apartments face each other) she moved it about 10 feet over so instead of just my front door its pointed at my windows. My landlord said he cant do anything about it. I wouldn't care if it was up high and capturing her front area and mine but it only captures my front area. (She had it in a flower pot about knee high)

    • Burn Hard Liu

      Leah, I agree 100%. We have a similar issue of a crazy neighbor pointing her camera directly at our back yard/windows. We have been ignoring it but it is not a good feeling. What are your plans going forward?

  • Tam rock

    I have a neighbor living in a 6 apartment complex in Calif. that has a small parking lot just on the other side of a shared back fence. The 70 y. o. man (a tenant) living there is in the back lot daily running power tools not inside a garage or shop, but out in the open lot, in my opinion entertaining himself. I've observed him cutting up a metal coke cabinet with a power saw and tossing in the dumpster to dismantling toddler toys with power tools and dispose of them. He's been doing this nearly on a daily basis for 4 years now. I spoke to him about it 2 years ago and recently his wife at the store to no avail. The owner won't do anything about it. I'm so frazzled from it as I can hear it loudly inside my home, I started videotaping with my phone for at least 3 months now from different points of view. Can I record him over the top of the fence to prove he is occupying his time and not doing it to profit. Does he have an expectation of privacy? This is effecting my health.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi Tam, if your neighbor runs power tools at the public and shared area in the apartment complex, then he may not enjoy an expectation of privacy over there. Generally speaking, it is legal to set up a camera and face it to the public area. However, to avoid any privacy issues, it is best to consult local attorney. Hope this helps.

  • Lee

    Thanks for the overview. It's become a major discussion for both home owners and those within the HOA world as well. Security cameras and now drones! One Ohio court has held that an invasion of privacy cannot occur in the common elements of a condominium property, because residents do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy while in the common elements. At least its a start!

  • Carlos Linares

    I installed a cctv camera aiming my front yard and captures my across the street neighbor's drive way and front door. My intention is to monitor their dog that uses my front yard as his toilet. I wanted to have a recorded proof of this disgusting dog's habit. Is this illegal or against any law in Houston Texas?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi Carlos, it is really a nightmare to have a neighbor's dog damaging your front yard. However, to avoid any privacy disputes, it is best to face your security camera to your property and the public area only. Hope this would help.

  • Saxo Grammaticus

    I would think that if Google Earth can see it and show it then anyone should be able to do the same. So if you take a picture or make a video of someone in their back yard or in their house then that would probably be illegal, but if no one is there no problem. Google Earth street view is full of pictures of peoples homes just not those inside.

  • Kyley Parks

    Ok I have a question?? I live in housing , I have neighbors that cause alot of drama and now have involved me and pointing adio cameras towards my house .. I feel violated as well as my privacy is being intruded .. I can not plant trees and its housing the cameras are outside and we live in units .. they all point towards my house as well as others withought our permission what do I do do I have a right to call the police and have them taken down.. they are only up so they can invade mine and others privacy..

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Kyley, it is best to take photos or record videos as evidence showing that your neighbors are pointing their cameras to your property. Also note that it would be acceptable for your neighbors to face the cameras to the public areas. You may ask your neighbors to redirect the cameras. If they refuse to do so, you'd better contact the police or an attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Pee Oui

    Hi Jenny, I am sitting on my front porch which I had to cover with fabric to block my neighbors from recording me with their cell phones (California). I have caught them recording us while talking on our phones and yesterday while I was simply sitting on my front porch he started recording me with no excuse. Is it legal for anyone in California to record someone on their own porch while they are hidden behind a screen?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Pee, it is illegal for one to record audio without consent from two parties in California. In your case, it is best to collect evidence that your neighbor is recording you secretly and ask the local police or a local attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.


    next door neighbor lives at the beginning of a circle caldisack. at the middle of the circle street he has a camera aiming down the street it views my whole front yard and my company who may stop by. He has a camera aiming on his side yard which he views my whole side of home. IS NOT A BACKYARD PRIVATE? WE SUN BATHE NAKED IN BACK AND HE HAS CAMERA VIEWING OUR HOUSE IN THE BACK.


    IS IT AGAINST OUR LAW FOR HIM TO PEEP though cracks in the fence and watch us in our backyard or family room, i've we've caught them many times

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Kevin, we are sorry for your experience. It would only be acceptable for your neighbor to monitor his own properties and the pubic area with security cameras. If you don't prefer to confront him in person, it is best to collect some evidence and call the police for further assistance. Hope this helps.


        PUBLIC NOT PUBIC, Lol! funny!


        I will invite you to my ART SHOW, soon!


    all night long when I do night shift to be awake for my Parents, everytime I go in back they come outside too in their backyard, their slider door sqeeks. haha, what are they on? 10 times a night I have it all logged in my book. weirdo's! scary! BOO!

    • Logged it into your book? OMG! Who is watching who?


    THEY call the police on me early summer for blowing leafs on their driveway.....wacko's!

    • There are laws against dumping your yard waste into someone else's yard. It does get quite annoying after you have cleaned your yard or have paid someone else to do it. So don't do it.


    maybe there needs to be a burning cross on his front yard? I was told he wanted one for Halloween. trippy dude!


    creepy feeling sitting in our Family room, bedroom, back yard,,,,, what should I do? Any advice much appreciated!

  • gary

    I have a neighbor in Ohio that has pointed a camera right at my front door and bedroom there is no parking space there and they have about 3 feet of lawn there is this legal?
    p.s. I have had many problems that I have called the law on them already

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Gary, it is acceptable for your neighbor to monitor his property and the public area with security cameras. You may take some pictures from your front door and bedroom as evidence first and ask your neighbor to redirect the camera. If he/she refuses to do so, it is best to contact the police or the attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • J Grey

    I live in NJ own a condo. My front door is near my neighbor's front door. I would like to install a doorbell and out door camera for my front door and garage. My neighbor object's and states its invasion of privacy. I have done my research and it doesn't seem to be the case. I just want to know what it happening to my missing packages and also to protect my family.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi Jane, it is only acceptable and legal for your neighbor to put up a camera to monitor his/her own property or the public areas. You may take some pictures as evidence and consult local police or attorney for further assistance. Note that in some states like New York, residences are allowed to sue over unwelcome outdoor cameras. Hope this helps.

  • Lisa Marie Orlando

    Hi everyone I live in Staten Island New York city I am living in a four family private house I am renting with my mother who is 68 years old and my 10-year-old son I am on the first floor and right across from me on the first floor is the supers apartment that is super they take care of the garbage and they report everything back to the landlord I believe they have a ring camera and definitely audio all my conversations that I have outside while I'm smoking they report everything I do and say to the landlord the camera I believe might be in the P Cole and the doorbell is outside with the audio and it's watching not only me but the other two families that live here and the super is trying to get me in trouble for talking outside which I feel very intruding I feel like they're invading my privacy I don't know how to tell them to position the doorbell in another direction help what do I do ?? How to talk to the super they are not nice people. They talk bad about me to all the other neighbors and I'm not doing anything illegal the only thing I do is drink my coffee and smoke my cigarettes outside away from the doorway I think it's me jealousy I just thinks that the super who happens to be a female with her husband there that she is intimidated by me I'm here to live and raise my son and take care of my mom I'm respectful and old-fashioned to every how do I confront them. There starting trouble sending my Audio recordings to the landlord about me saying I'm so FFF sick of your annoying camera etc

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Lisa, it is illegal in NYC to record audio or in-person conversation unless one party to the conversation consents. You may take a closer look at your lease agreement and see if there are any clauses addressing the usage of security cameras with audio in the apartment.
      If not, you may ask the supers to post a proper notice on the cameras or disable the audio recording feature. Also, it would be best to consult the local police or attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hello Barbara, it would be only acceptable for your neighbor to set up a camera and monitor his own property and the public areas. To confirm if it is legal, you'd better consult the local police or attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Janet James

    Tenant in the basement ( Queens – NY) bought a new vehicle which is usually parked on the street outside of my front door.
    Recently I realized that hidden cameras have been installed on the vehicle. I notice that when I am on the steps of my front door I am been recorded.I also realize that walking past the vehicle into my driveway I am been recorded. I have not granted permission to the owner of the vehicle to do any recording of my property.Is this legal?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hi Janet, you may check out the lease agreement first and see if there are any clauses stating the usage of security cameras in the property. If not, it is best to communicate with the tenant on that hidden camera issue. To see if it is legal for the tenant to do so, you'd better consult the local police or attorney. Hope this helps.

  • Jenny, We installed Security Cameras to watch our
    boundaries. However people have to realize the cameras only reach a certain angle and a certain range. My advice to everyone is to talk to your neighbor when installing them. Or if you have questions ask. Our cameras cannot see into our neighbors homes. Their front yard gets blurry but ours is quite clear. Just because a camera is up doesn't mean it reaches your home. Ask to see the video coverage if you can. I even went to the neighbor that is giving the community a problem and told them why the cameras were going up. It was only fair warning to stay off our property or be charged.

    • Jenny Hu

      Thank you for sharing your ideas, Karen. It is a good idea to talk to your neighbors when installing the security cameras so as to avoid any further disputes. 🙂

  • dan tomarchio

    where I live now my neighbor installed atelephone pole 10 ft off the property line in front of my house with a tilt pan zoom on the pole.he applied for a permit for a light and when it was permitted and inspected put the said camera on it. we called the police because we saw that it was pointed at front of our house and the police said there is nothing they can do unless I find out that this clown is posting us on internet.i called my township and went to a council meeting where I was told the same thing....he saw I called police and was informed by a corrupt politician in my township that I went there for help and then raised the camera up on top of pole so he can also see over my house.....he also wants to put one behind our pool and back door and a third one In the woods behind my garage that im in a battle with the township over and had to hire a lawyer.....did I mention that this neighbor lives a acre away from this property line....shaking my head about having no rights in communist jersey

  • Tiffiny Wells

    I live in a condo that is attached to two others, in our particular building. I have noticed lately, that when I leave or enter my garage, in the evenings at dusk, my next door neighbor's garage door light, on my side shuts off and comes back on. This only happens with my car or my garage door opening or closing This neighbor has bilateral lights on the outside of their garage, but only the light on my side gets activated. I have tried to activate the light by just walking by the light, even waving my hands at the light, and nothing happens. I think it is either detecting my garage door opening and closing or movement of my car. Any thoughts?

  • Lisa Ann Woodward-Taylor

    What's the law in Florida for the use of security surveillance camera's by a convicted sex offender?? My neighbor is a sex offender an has surveillance camera pointed at my home, what can be done??

    • Hello Lisa, under Florida law, security cameras are acceptable if they are not placed in any private places, including bathroom and changing room. In your case, it is best to consult local police or attorney and ask them for further help.

      • Lisa Ann Woodward-Taylor

        Thank you so much, I will do just that.

  • BS Buster

    The way I look at this subject, IF a neighbor never trespasses or damages any property of a Camera owner, said neighbor should have no objections to the installation of the same by any other neighbor.

    To deny a property owner the right to protect and prevent crime on their land with such installations should be held as ”suspect”, IMO.

  • MyOpinion

    I live in the country down a long driveway. I have easement rights on my neighbors property down my long driveway because that's the only access to my property. The front of my property meets up to the back of the neighbors property. You absolutely can not view my property from the road. I have had issues with the neighbors from day one. They have held us a gun point twice for us just walking down the driveway to get home. Now the neighbors have put up 2 or 3 trail cams right on the property line aimed straight at my house & my daughters bedroom window. The camera's record only about 3 feet of his property. Is this legal? I live in Ohio by the way.

    • Hi there, according to the video surveillance laws in Ohio, it is legal to set up security cameras as long as one party consents to the surveillance. In your case, you'd better consult local police or attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Loza Felipe

    My neighbor put 3 cámaras by his front door one facing down the front door, the other two are facing the sidewalk and street. The ones nest to the front door they are on the side of the house facing the sidewalk and the street his yard is like 30 long, and the one in the back yard is facing the sidewalk and the street I walk my dogs at 4 am and the one in the back yard get red so they all are infrared his back yard is about 20 feet long and the cámaras are way Haight all his taping is the sidewalk and the street and bug the hell of of me can I do something about it, I live in Sacramento, California

    • Hello Loza, according to the California law, it is acceptale for your neighbor to set up security cameras around his/her property. You may communicate with your neighbor and negotiate more details about the cameras. Hope this helps.

    • HZ

      Stop doing illegal stuff like not picking up after your dog and you have nothing to worry about.

  • Larry

    I'm living in a townhouse Directly beside my neighbor, we share a wall. They set up a security camera so that every time we step out into the backyard the cameras will set a alarm to ring and it is very loud and obnoxious. The security camera is clearly pointed at our backyard. They can't even see their backyard from that camera. What do I do?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Larry, you may take some photos of the camera and keep them as evidence first. Then, check local laws addressing surveillance cameras and see if it is legal to set up cameras to monitor other's property. Also, it is best to consult the local police or attorney for further assistance. Hope this helps.

  • Angie

    My neighbor has put a camera at my front door along with two that come directly into my bedroom. She can also hear us talk and talks to my youngest son. Oh coarse the town cop is her bbf so i am not sure how to handle this. I want to get footage of
    her doing all this and then take her to court. What are my steps?

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Angie, it is illegal for your neighbor to set up cameras towards your bedroom and other places including bathrooms, changing rooms and places indicating intimate activities. Please take some photos of the cameras installed by your neighbor as evidence and contact a local attorney for further assistance. Hope this would help.

  • Deborah Pegram

    I just discovered my neighbor has a security camera pointed directly at my home. I feel violated, and very upset. This person, has them down at his shop to, but now they are up at his front door pointing directly at my yard and can see when we walk out of the front door. This person is the property owner my residence is on, but I feel violated, he should have told me he was going to put up a camera how to I approach him about this matter.

    • Jenny Hu

      Hello Deborah, we are sorry for your experience. However, it would be acceptable and legal for the property owner to set up security cameras over public areas. If you feel uncomfortable with the cameras, ask him to give proper notice on the cameras and redirect the camera. Learn more useful tips here, /legality-reason-for-security-cameras-in-rental-property/. Hope this helps.

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi Jennie, it would not be acceptable for your neighbor to set up cameras to monitor your house and places with intimate activities like the bedroom and bathroom. You may take some pictures as evidence and contact local police or attorney for help. Hope this would help.

  • Carby Carbajal

    FYI.....There is ZERO expectation of privacy once you step outside of you home. I hope most of you understand this. Which means, the moment you step outside your home, you lose that privacy.

    People put up camera's for a number of reason's, mostly for the protection of the their life and property.
    The following information is straight from the 4th Amendment;

    Even in places and in items where there is generally a reasonable expectation of privacy, exceptions exist. For example, even within one's home or property, the "open-field" doctrine provides that if something on a person's property is easily visible to the public without the need to be physically on the property (e.g., from the air from the street) then there is no expectation of privacy. For example, the police can use photos taken by police helicopters above one's property of items that are visible from the air.

    FYI, Before you contact local Law Enforcement you should know, they only enforce city & state local laws. The will tell you its a civil matter and take your neighbor to court. You all know attorney's will be glad to take your monies and file any type of law suit, that's what they do all day.

    A suggestion would be a privacy fence, plant trees or shrubs and try not to ever fight with your neighbors, it can be very costly and you both end up unhappy.

    On another note like Drones, you own only 88 ft above your homes or property. Everything above that is fair game, until you get to 400 ft.

    You learn these things by finding out the hard way......

  • Danette Peters

    I specifically don't have any issues with anyone putting up surveillance cameras for protection & security purposes. But, when they b spying on me, & sharing with other people what time , I come & go from home, what time, I go to work, when I'm going food shopping, if, I & my other family member's are the only ones that reside in the house & our hours of coming & going. And, they may recognize us by seeing what color clothes we have on ,& our hairstyles. That's spying , casting our home & stocking. That doesn't have any thing to do with security, nor protection. They always know's when we come in & out of our home so they in & out of their home at the same exact times, that we are coming in & out of our home. They pull up & off at the same time we are coming in and out of our home. To make it appear , it's a consequence that we run into each other every day at the same exact time. The people whom owns a car shop watches their recording & monitor's us on a daily basis. And tells neighbors & everyone they communicate with our business. As if they are setting us up & setting our house up to be robbed. We could get raped or murdered. No one would never know. It can end up being a clean hit , clean getaway. Because no one would ever expect such a thing. because he plays this Mr. Nice guy role. My mom & I are both senior citizens. Easy targets for the two 23 year old & the guy that owns the car shop. And, for many other people that he & other males are telling. It will b difficult to pin point who have a motive & for what reasons ? Spying, casting out some one else home & stocking some one should b a felony.

  • Mark Hawkins

    we have a weardo neighbor who has camras pointed at our house, but he also has a masterbation station set up in a weed patch in his back yard. i am going to photograph it tommarow

  • Jenny Hu

    Hi Debby, generally, the board doesn't have the authority to stop owners installing security cameras inside the unit that capture activities outside the home. In your case, you'd better communicate with other board members and consult the local attorney for more legal advice. Hope this helps.



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