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RLC-422W prototype review

The RLC-422W camera makes a good impression out of the box: case is solid metal, dome vandalproof polycarbonate. Everything you might need is in the box; eg screws and plugs, network cable for first time installation, mounting wrench.
Firstly you need to have the software installed and the camera recognized; this is done by connecting the camera with a network cable (this is best done before mounting the camera). Once connected one can note the unique IUD number of the camera (there is no QR code on this model) (IUD is needed to access the camera from mobile devices), enter the password of your local Wifi network and set an admin password; the camera is now accessible on Wifi.
Actually mounting the camera is a bit tricky. The mounting instructions referred to the PoE version where the dome can be easily removed. However on this Wifi version the antennae are mounted on the dome. There are 3 short thin wires connecting the base to the dome which I did not dare remove; during installation the dome therefore dangles from these thin wires. The camera is connected to a power supply; a 12V extension cord of approx 4 meters is in the box. If the power socket is further away an additional power extension cord will be required. And if the installation needs to be vandal proof the power cord needs to be hidden from view, as well as the cord with the reset button which is permanently attached to the camera. The camera comes with stainless steel screws; these cannot take too much force and are best tightened by hand.
Next is positioning of the camera inside the dome. One has to loosen 3 screws and turn the camera to the desired position. By using the Reolink software one can check whether the desired position has been achieved. Because the camera has no pan or tilt function the zoom is only on one point. I installed mine without any zoom in wide angle mode. Once the camera is in the desired position the 3 screws can be tightened and the dome replaced and the wifi antennae screwed on.
Many webcams today support only the 2.4Ghz wifi band. This band has the advantage of a longer range. But it can be very crowded in this band. Luckily the RLC-422W suppports the 5Ghz wifi band; this band provides a lot more room.
I already had the Reolink software installed for another camera. The software has lots of options and appears to be quite stable both on my PC and on Android.
A very nice option that I use (my camera covers my garden) is Email schedule; the camera takes a snapshot every 30 minutes and mails it to me. These snapshots will allow me to produce a time-lapse video/slideshow of the seasons in my garden. The quality of the camera is very good. The color and detail are very good and there is little barrel distortion in wide-angle mode.
Nice as it is the software misses a couple of features I would like to have:
- a possibility of setting a fixed home position (only for cameras with PTZ obviously) that one can easily return the camera to. The presets in the software define a movement of the camera, not a position. After a reboot my PTZ-camera (a RLC-423) will sometimes change position.
- in the screen layout options I miss one for just two cameras. A freely definable layout would be even better.
- in the email schedule one has to choose between snapshots at fixed intervals or on movement detection. It would be useful to also have a combination of both. And the interval durations are fixed (from 5 to 30 minutes max); a user definable interval would be handy.
All in all I am pleased with this camera, certainly considering the price.

Awesome Camera with a small issue.


- Vivid Color – The color on the RLC-422W 5MP is much more vivid than my RLC-410 bullet camera. The color of the grass, trees, and shrubs are much more lifelike.
- Zoom – The zoom feature on the camera is a good addition. It gives you 4X zoom, which can give you very detailed image very close to a specific area you want.
- Sharper than 4MP cameras – You can see a lot of detail, and sharper than my RLC-410 bullet cameras. You can see detail such as number plates clearly, as well as icons on shirts for people passing by. It’s extremely sharp.
- Online management / Application is easy to use – As always, the online control panel and software that Reolink is extremely intuitive and easy to use much better than other IP cameras that I have used. You can easily set motion detection, change OSD etc all in one place with easy to use layout.
- Night Vision is as good as other cameras. – Night vision on the 5MP RLC-422W is very good, probably on par with my other Reolink camera. It is very detailed and is a major selling point for Reolink cameras. Other cameras which were twice the cost couldn’t even compare to the quality at night.
- Well made – The camera is extremely well made, made from a very strong metal and I believe the same or similar material which the RLC-410 bullet is made of.
- Wireless – Camera is capable of either connecting to 2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz. I’m currently connected via ethernet, although when I was testing the camera before installation 2.4Ghz worked very well, did not stutter as I was expecting it to in the location I was installing it.


- Mounting – This is probably my one concern with the camera and is with mounting the camera. You really need three hands to hold the camera up while screwing it and with the dome in the way as it cannot be disconnected as it has been zip tied to the circuit board. In my opinion, there should be a guide to disconnect the antenna wires for easier installation, so you can easily access the screw locations especially important when you’re 5 meters off the ground on a ladder.

- No Audio – Not a major issue, but would be good to have if it is possible to implement it as my older 4MP cameras have audio.

- No tilt or pan – It’s unfortunate, that this camera does not have tilt or pan, but I believe at this price point it’s forgiven, as once you have installed it in a spot and have it angled the way you want. It is unlikely the tilt or pan function would be used. So, it’s a better idea to keep the price down for consumers that do not need this feature.

Overall, this was my first wireless dome camera and I’m extremely happy with it. With only one major issue with mounting the camera. Once mounted in your desired location, it is a breeze to setup and works with your system of your choosing. Currently, using the camera with my Synology NAS via ONIVF and works very well. This camera is a large step up from my 4MP in terms of video quality. If anyone if after an affordable WIFI dome camera this should be an instant purchase.

by Boyer Coulter on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
5MP Prototype Dome Camera

I too was under the impression that I was receiving a 5MP bullet cam but I can roll with this one as well. I currently have one of the original beta Keens, 9 of the RLC410 bullets, 2 RLC420 domes, 2 C2's and one RLC423 PTZ so this is a good opportunity to test drive one of the only styles I don't already own and get a chance to see if upgrading all my cameras to 5Mp is something I need to start thinking about.

My first impression was that this is a very well built camera and the fit and finish was everything I have come to expect from Reolink. Like their other models, Reolink has chosen to stick with metal housings which I am very much a fan of. They also provided a few different configurations of mounting holes inside rather than the typical two hole options.

I'm not a fan of the antennas mounted on the removable section of housing but it's workable. Ideally I would have liked to see them remain on the backplane with the circuit board so one could remove the domed cover for adjustments without risking damaging the antenna connection.

My original plan was to use this new 5MP camera to replace the existing 4MP bullet up on the gable of our home giving us a wider overview of the neighborhood. Already pleased with the clarity of the 4MP bullet, I was more looking forward to the increase in field of view than the resolution. We have been having an increase of incidences in our neighborhood so better coverage from replacing a single camera rather than adding more units is always a good thing.

Original view using 4MP RLC410

Improved view at same location with 5MP RLS423WS

Attached pictures will show the improvement of the field of view. In addition to seeing an improvement of 10+ feet on either side, we also picked up quite a bit on top and bottom as well which eliminates quite a bit of dead zone directly under the camera. Of course I always want more but I am more than happy to get this view without having to endure t0o much of a fisheye lens effect to get it.

Playing with the zoom features of both cameras yields impressive results but the 5MP cam is clearly the winner here. I find it hard to utilize the 4x zoom feature here without having pan and tilt as well but the added resolution will be greatly appreciated when I need to take stills off the footage and then zoom in to get details.

4MP zoom details

5MP zoom detail

While giving this camera an overall high score, I removed one star for the fact that the focus was not even across the lens. The center of the view and the left side was crystal clear and in focus but a good deal of the right hand side was blurred enough that the resolution would be far less than desireable in this area. This may be due to this being a prototype unit but either way, it's a considerable concern worth noting. Had I purchased this camera, it would be going back for a replacement.

by Ron Vernier on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Prototype RLC-422W

I installed the prototype 5MP 422W outside on the soffet, ran an either net cat 5 to it and fortunately had a outside electrical plug close to plug into. The install only took about 20 minutes.The set up motion detection, e-mail etc about 15 min. One thing to remember is to install the SD card before you mount it. Once mounted it's not real easy to put the card in seeing as the cam might be upside down and all the wires are exposed, so be careful.
I'm using cat 5 cable but I've tested the wireless 2ghz and 5ghz and the cam worked fine even though wireless modem is about 30 feet away with walls and doors no problems.
Now on to the night vision and the auto focus.
It's very dark where the cameras mounted but about 60 ft. away there's a street light. The image from 5 ft. to 20 ft. is OK but you start loosing image quality till the cam picks up the street lights and then the image is better. So I'm thinking that the middle section of the image area it's just too dark to achieve a good night time image. Also the street lights are about 65 ft. away which might be too far away to help where it's so dark.
The 4x optical zoom well this is a nice feature but I feel it's not all that responsive and takes awhile to regain a quality image. The control buttons Auto focus in or out and the zoom in and out seem slow to regain focus. I wish you could just use the mouse scroll wheel or touch screen to zoom in and out.
After installing and testing this Reolink 5MP - 422W camera my verdict is that this will be another fantastic addition to the already impressive Reolink product line. The plug and play ease of this camera and the low profile when installed should definitely make this camera one Reolinks best sellers.

by Aaron Rodante on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
5 MP prototype

Reolink 5mp dome prototype camera - When I received the camera I thought they sent me a 4mp because the camera and the shipping box were both labeled as the RCL-422 4mp camera and the resolution was the same as my other 4mp Reolink cameras. Reolink should have sent the camera with another label or the information to prevent confusion. After talking with tech support I updated the firmware on my NVR and the Reolink client. I then had the latest and greatest 5mp resolution 3072*1728. The resolution is the best part of this camera in my opinion. This was the first dome camera I have used. The housing is solid and made of metal/aluminum. The camera is easy to mount and includes a mount template. As long as your NVR is up to date the camera is basically plug and play. The auto focus is a little finicky and takes quite a few seconds to focus. The 4x zoom is really good. I may have to play with the setting to tune the night vision to the optimal settings but still really good. Overall this is a solid camera with a quality picture and I would recomend it to other buyers.

by Doug Higley on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Nice Overal

I switched from a wireless only system from a competitor to the ReoLink PoE NVR System about 8 months ago. So far I have been very happy. The POE cameras including the Dome prototype I was sent are super easy to configure and just work when you plug them in. This one I had to do some focusing on as the autofocus can be a bit of a pain to get right. This one I placed in my carport to view anyone coming in or out as this is the main entrance of my house. The picture quality for the 5M is great. Its hard to get 100% right due to it being shaded in the carport and bright outside most of the time so you sacrifice a little when you choose what to focus on. Like others I didn't like the fact I had to open the camera completely up to install it on my wall.

RLC-422W Prototype

I have several other Reolink cameras mounted in two different homes. I have been very pleased with the products. App is easy to use once you become familiar with it. Super easy set-up and app provides easy way to allow access to the video feed.

Pros: The picture is very clear. Being a previous Reolink customer, the set-up only takes a few short minutes. The housing is durable. Has an attractive appearance with vandal proof dome.

Cons: Does not offer pan or tilt, once mounted only has the ability to zoom. Does no have playback feature out of the box. From reading other reviews, may accept SD card for playback function.

I am so pleased with Reolink products, I am looking for other areas I can mount more.

Solid Camera

-Easy to set up. Just need to follow the directions and read them carefully. Setting up was simple to do like all the other REO cameras. If you are using the WiFi portion of the camera, after you do the initial set up, don’t forget to connect to the Wifi on your home’s network before unplugging the cable, otherwise you will have to plug the ethernet cable back in to set up the WiFi and connect.
-The 5MP camera and its resolution is super clear. Might even be a little too much for me as I can read my kids scooter logo and even the fridge temperature in my garage.
-Option to run PoE or use the dual band WiFi. My suggestion is to set it to 2.4 instead of the 5ghz. I prefer the 2.4 band.
-Screws come with rubber o-rings which really helps to make sure no moisture or water gets in if you mount this outdoor.
-Night Vision is super clear and clean image. Used the optical zoom and it allows the user to get more in depth at the location you are zooming into.
-Simple DIY install

-None really, but you just need to get familiar with the settings and Desktop client software to get full use of all the features. I had another brand of home camera before I got the Reolink cameras and the other company had more of a simple interface, but the lack of features annoyed me. Reolink cameras and their NVR, desktop client software, and mobile app makes controlling this camera very simple.


Adding the Dome 5MP RLC-422 really set another standard, the clear image and quality of the video is a winner in my opinion. Due to additional security of the housing, there are a few extra steps in mounting the housing the wall or ceiling. But it will only take an additional 10 minutes at most. Setting up the camera (due to my prior experience) only took a few minutes. Again, just pay attention to the directions if this is your first camera, every manufacturer puts in details so it becomes a one time deal. I did not need to make any calls to support to set up my camera on my phone or NVR. After utilizing the WiFi feature, there has been no drop outs and video access from my phone was immediate from remote locations. This camera dome is a bit larger than the bullet casing cameras that I have from Reolink, but the additional security measures and housing is the offset. I highly recommend this product.

It looks good, but...

I had been under the assumption I was receiving a 5mp bullet cam, and direct upgrade to my current RLC-410 cameras I have. My plan was to simply unscrew the old, unplug, and plug in the new. When I opened the box, it was a dome RLC-422, not only was it a different camera than I had though, but on the side of the box it very clearly said it was a 4mp camera.

Not one to complain with a gift horse, I emailed Reolink support and asked to verify this was indeed a 5mp camera, as I wanted to give an honest review, they verified it was. More on this later.

So now I have the task of hanging a camera that is not only much bigger, but has a footprint in the realm of 3 times the size of my 410's. Due to the set-up of the wiring, I had to drill a new 3/4" hole in my soffit, as the hole for my 410 one wouldn't allow the 422 to fit, obviously I had to drill new holes for the mounting screws as well (4, as compared to 3 on the 410).

So I spent about 60-90 minutes hanging the camera. I will say, it's a nice looking camera, very discreet, and looks good where I put it. The color during the day is much more 'vivid' then my 410 models, it's especially noticeable on the grass. This particular model also has a 4 time optical zoom option, but once the camera is mounted, you cannot actually pan/tilt the lens, so if you want to use the zoom option, you have to adjust the camera so the area you want to zoom, is directly in the middle of the screen. Where I have this camera placed, using the zoom option is pretty useless, but it's an option you could use nonetheless. I do feel as though the angle of view is slightly wider on the 422 over the 410, and I do like this for where I have my camera.

The only problem I ran in to (so far) was a foggy dome. I hung the camera in the afternoon, around 2pm EST. It was good until the evening, when I noticed it has developed a rather serious case of fog when viewed. I read up on this and saw it's possibly the foam ring around the lens was dislodged, or maybe I was getting an IR halo effect from something near it. So I took my ladder back out climbed up, and sure enough there was a patch of fog directly over the lens, as well as above the lens. I pulled the dome off and cleaned it very well with a microfiber cloth, both inside and out, and was extremely careful re-installing the dome. Since I did that, I have not had any fog problems.

So, is it true 5mp? Honestly, I cannot tell, I don't feel as though the image is any sharper then my 410s, and you do not have the option to view the feed above 4k, that makes me question if these cameras are indeed 5mp, or if Reolink possibility over-extending themselves on the 5mp prototype, and sent out 4mp cameras to appease people.

So overall, I'm happy with the camera, but I'm slightly reserved about whether it's a true 5mp camera. The fogging issue was resolved easily, and may very well have been user install error. Also, if you plan to replace your 410 bullet cams with the 422 domes, plan accordingly, as you'll need to drill all new holes.

by Ron Vernier on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Reolink 5mp security camera

Camera was delivered on 12/2/2017.

OK lets break this down, I all ready own 3 Reolink cameras and have the software on my cell, tablet and laptop so as soon as I powered this up following the quick start instructions, plugged in the either net cable the camera showed up on the laptop, all I had to do was enter a new password!
When Reolink says plug and play they aren't kidding.
Once you've got the cam up and running Reolink software makes it so simple to set up the cameras e-mail, motion, image etc.
So now that I've got it up and running lets look at the Pros and Cons:
Pros: The image is clear and steady 5 mp a step up from my 4 mp units.
E-mail: set up was easy having set it up before, shouldn't be to difficult for 1st time buyers Reolinks support is excellent if you have issues.
Motion Detection: Daytime motion set at 5 sensitivity picked up motion at 50 feet. E-mail received wow fantastic!! I've set the e-mail up to send video clips really sweet. Night time motion not tried yet will follow up later.
4x optical zoom: Zooming in on objects (cars, people etc) This takes a little patients to figure out if you mess with the optical zoom manually, but I believe this a nice feature.
Now the Cons: 1st I wish this had the ability to accept POE connection. That being said let me say that the camera can be used with either net cable and 12volt power supply that comes with it.
Also can be connected with Passive PoE Injector Splitter.
No Audio, my Reolink 410s has audio and I love that feature. But this Camera has such a beautiful profile, picture and features that make it a fantastic addition or first time purchase.
I've only had this for 1 day so I'm going to play with it and check out the night vision for a few days. Will update this review in about a weeks time.

Would I recommend this Camera Absolutely YES Reolink Cameras are the BEST

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