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Never disappoint

When it comes to indoors & outdoors security camera Reolink Never disappoints. Top notch video quality! What else can you ask for. I love Reolink security cameras... ✌️
(My word is GOLD!! If you don’t believe me try it for yourself )

by Reolink User on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Great clear camera.

Overall I really like the features of the camera. The interface is easy to use and the picture quality is excellent. My favorite part about the interface is how easy it is to get to the advanced menus to change settings. I do think that Reolink should have a sizing picture somewhere that shows the size of this camera in comparison to the RLC-410. In my eyes this camera would be an upgrade for users that want a better camera than the 410 model so a size comparison would help purchasers determine if it would fit. I also like that the final model will have zoom built int. I think this will be a good addition to the product line and I think many people would be interested in a higher-end version of the RLC-410.

by Robert Blazek on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Solid camera with an awesome sensor and a few quirks

So, this was my experience with the 5MP camera of far.

After I bought the PoE injector, I mounted the camera indoors and wanted to connect to it. The Reolink app did scan the QR code, but couldn't connect to the camera, which was apparently up only cca. 50% of the time. I was satisfied with the picture quality, the build quality... But the thing sometimes refused to connect properly. So I let it stay on for a week (or so). It got better and I was able to view it at full resolution.

The night vision is one of the best I have seen. The image is overall very good, but some shades of brown look a little pink. The resolution is also very good.

1. The resolution is great. You can get so much detail out of this.
2. The night vision. I could clearly see the details at around 20 meters distance.
3. PoE is very handy. I would like to have more information about the PoE capabilities of the camera. The user's guide does not contain much information about PoE standards supported, for example.
4. As every other Reolink product I used, the setup is very straightforward and simple.
5. The build quality is just awesome

1. Sometimes, the device is not very responsive. It also drops packets sometimes. As a result, I cannot login with the app.
2. The notifications are not very polished yet. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
3. The zoom does not work for me. I would appreciate wider view angle.
4. Day time colours are a bit warmer, and some shades of brown look pink.


1. I haven't found an option to integrate the device to IFTTT
2. It would be very nice to include a DC adapter with the camera or inform that it needs PoE injector/switch...

Otherwise, the product is very good, I will recommend Reolink to people looking for security systems.

(I apologise for submitting this review so late, I had problems with the camera being unresponsive. I will send pictures once I get to them.)

RLC-411S 5mp Prototype Review

I had previously upgraded for a 4 channel system to the ReoLink 8 Channel in favor of using PoE cameras along with the added capability of a 4mp HD image for better resolution especially at further distances. I have been very satisfied with the 4mp 8CH system and had the opportunity to test a newer 5mp prototype. The RLC-411S camera arrive well packed and with the essentials needed to get the camera mounted with a simple instruction sheet and tool for the mount arm. The 5mp camera provides a much sharper image and with 4x optical zoom you can hone in and get a much clearer image on the subject in question. I was skeptical at first of the night vision capabilities as there were fewer IR leds than the stock 4mp camera. While it still will not provide extreme night vision at 100 feet it was noted that at 30 - 40 feest the IR's appeared to be emitting more IR making the area directly in front of the sensors brighter. Only other things I noticed when installing the camera that made it a little challenging were that when the camera was installed on channel 1 where I previously had a camera... the system automatically moved the camera to channel 7. I could not find a way to change the channel that the camera was on through the app or the desktop application. I had to log into the console itself to move it back to channel 1. The functions for optical zoom is not obvious. When launching the desktop app at first there was a tab that showed "Optical Zoom" but then went away. After poking around I discovered that you had to go to the PTZ tab and then use the options to "Zoom Image". Here are a few of my thoughts on the camera itself...

- Well built and solid
- Single wire connection PoE setup
- Easy installation
- Great detail and image quality improvements over the 4mp camera
- Night vision appears to be better within the same distance as the 4mp camera
- Added optical zoom gets greater detail closer

- No sound
- Night vision still gets grainy well before 100 feet
- The mount makes it challenging to get the correct position with lots of adjustments that change when you make the final tightening. A ball joint would be much better.
- The optical zoom is nice however... it only zooms to the center of the camera so the subject you want to zoom in on has to be directly in the center of the lens.
- Lack of instructions on how to use the zoom function.
- Lack of details on how to better secure the camera as the default login information is rather simple to find but not as easy for the average user to know how to update to prevent open access.

All in all I find this to still be a great camera and I would highly recommend this product over others.

12 camera set up Reolink cameras

RLC 10 in garage; RLC 10 watching rear sliding glass door and garage rear door; RLC 10 looking south accross complete front yard through driveway; RLC 10 looking north at garage door, front door and encompassing all of front yard. One C2 PTZ wireless watching LR, front door, and entries into DR from garage and back porch. One C2 PTZ wireless watching entries into family room in basement. RLC 20 watching front door/porch outside.RLC 22 dome watching street out front looking NW zoomed in. RLC 22 watching street looking SE zoomed in. RLC 22 above garage door watching driveway. RLC 22 watching backyard shed and rear porch entry. RLC 411 watching most of backyard and shed.
Sound on RLC 410s is amazing. Can hear conversations CLEARLY from neighbors behind cameras15-20 ft away.
Band width usage is 92 mbps day and night. Using 1 GB 8 port and 4 port switches with uplink. System on CAT 6 POE everywhere.
Clarity in daylight and IR is unsurpassed. IR is great out to 50 ft in detail, clear to 100ft for general observation.
Raindrops and bugs set off motion detection at night on most sensitivity settings. I want to pick up people in a distance so I run it there. Works well
Motion recordings fill up 80% of 2 TB QNAP NAS in 7 days.
Soft ware is comprehensive for control. Am using QNAP Surviellance station with 12 licenses. Works very well. QNAP NAS is 4 core running at 2 ghz w/8 GB RAM. This system needs quad core computers to handle all the data. Pentuim 4 w XP doesn't work, neither does wife's laptop with dual processor 4 GB RAM.
Android Cell and Apple IPAD apps work flawlessly with this setup.
Able to capture license plates on moving vehicles at 10-20 ft on RLC 22s in daytime. Plate capture works with IR on stationary vehicles. Moving vehicles in IR are blurry. Still experimenting with camera settings.
For price point these can't be beat by DIY folks like me.
Recordings are difficult to pan through because I can't move the hour glass cursor very easily. Have to guess where I want to start watching recording. This may be a limitation of QNAP program. Will be using REOLINK 16 Port POE NVR at brother's house in near future. Will update on that one then. Bandwidth on portable devices allows live view on one camera at a time due to limitations of size of this system. Am running a 720p HD TV as a monitor hooked to QNAP NAS. Works very well. I may hook to 4K TV in other room to see what happens.

by Martin Davies on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Impressive camera - but not perfect

Thank you for the opportunity to review this camera.

The camera arrived well packaged - although the box was marked as if containing an RLC-411. In the box was a CD, the camera, a short cable, a watertight ethernet cable connector, printed instructions, screws & rawlplugs and an allen key.

I visited Reolink's web site to download a later version of the client software although a version of the client is included on the CD. I used version V7.2.2.12 during this review.

While the client worked most of the time I had issues with the software:
- The client lost the setup of the camera between 'runs'
- The client crashes out after an hour or so ('stopped working')
- Doesn't see the 5MP of the camera (not available as a drop-down option)

Installation was easy - just loosen the Allen bolts that hold everything tight and mount the base on the wall or ceiling at the point you want. Then rotate and twist the camera until it points to where you want and then tighten the Allen bolts up again.

Connecting up outside requires that the cable you attach is not terminated until the boot of the waterproof connector is threaded over the cable. I purchased a waterproof connector and wrapped this over the cable instead as the cable I had was pre-terminated.

Powering on
The camera is PoE so there is no need for a power supply if this is used with a suitable PoE switch. There is no immediate indication of life (no LEDs or network lights) but a quiet series of clicks tells you the camera is alive when it is plugged in.

The client software scans and finds the new camera and allows you to configure it (camera name, resolution, user accounts etc). You can also connect directly to the camera on its HTTP/HTTPS port and control it from there - a very good feature as this means it will work easily with non-Windows systems.

Camera Quality
Image quality is excellent although when viewing high-contrast areas there is evidence of purple fringing which can mask some detail. The optical zoom range is impressive allowing a wide area to be covered or just a small area some way away from the camera.

Night vision with the camera is very good indeed. Even illumination is available over a range of 15-20m even with the camera in wide-angle mode. Impressive.

Focus is good and sharp but if the zoom is altered the camera can take over ten seconds to re-focus. This may prove crucial if the user is zooming in on activity or an incident. The focus control on the client software is not easy to adjust either - it is very difficult to make fine adjustments to the image.

The camera was configured for and accessed successfully and repeatedly with the following systems:
- Direct from the Reolink PC client software (Windows 10 PC)
- Using the Android Reolink client (Android Nougat)
- Direct from a number of web browsers (http/https)
- As one of six cameras on a CCTV rig (Linux server running Motion) using single snapshot mode
- Using a generic Android IP camera viewer (IPCam - using RTSP)

The only issues experienced were with the Reolink PC client software.

An NMAP scan of the camera revealed the following ports were open:
port 80/tcp (http)
port 443/tcp (https)
port 554/tcp (rtsp)
port 1935/tcp (rtmp?)
port 6001/tcp (rtsp)
port 8000/tcp (tcpwrapped)
port 9000/tcp (cslistener?)

This is a well-conceived camera that provides excellent picture quality in the daytime and at night. It is easy to use; works reliably and produces good images. However it is let down slightly by flaws in the client software and the focus issues and it is these issues that limits this review to four stars. Reolink's technical support have been excellent in the advice they have given and in their speed of response and I'd like to thank them for their help during this review.

A copy of this review (with images) will appear on my Blog

Taking a Second Look

Since first installing I’ve noticed something. While zooming into a tighter shot, the picture goes completly out of focus. Then the auto focus kicks in and brings the picture back into perfect focus. Basically there is nothing wrong with this sequence. It’s not like a zoom lens were the focus tracks with the zoom.

The other function of + or - focus is totally useless. If the focus button is clicked the focus moves too rapidly in or out to sharpen the picture. Where it ends up is totally out of focus. To get the picture back into focus you have to zoom one way or the other to have the focus automatically re-adjust itself. I don’t know if this is a defective unit or a bug in the software. The problem is consistant.

Even with a bug or two this is a very marketable camera. Reolink is still the leader in plug and play security cameras with incredible high resolution pictures. The high quality pictures really sold me or was it the few minutes it took getting the camera up and going.

Looks Like Another Great Reolink Camera

This review is for the prototype Reolink 5mp Zoom IP camera that I was sent to test, prior to final release. I'm not sure what the final model designation will be, but it says RLC-411S on the system information page. This may just be an upgrade to that model in their product lineup.

Anyway, I am not a Reolink employee, contractor or salesperson. I simply use their cameras.

I have quite a few Reolink cameras and was anxious to try this one. After two weeks of running this mounted next to an outdoor RLC-410, I was very impressed. Although this model doesn't have a built-in mic (it's very similar to the RLC-411), the optics are good enough to justify using it in place of any of my 4 megapixel cameras where listening isn't as important as seeing. The 5 megapixel field of view at the 3072x1728 setting (I tried the others but found this setting suited my situation best) gives very good coverage in an area where I need it.

The optical zoom really brings the image in close. Even though the autofocus isn't super fast when zooming (a full zoom takes approximately two additional seconds to focus), it's not bad and always does focus perfectly. Blue Iris software makes zooming very easy, but you can also zoom right from the onboard web management. It's very easy.

The night vision (black and white) is very respectable in an area of my yard that is totally darkened, and I'm able to see what's there without much difficulty. The framerate drops to 12fps during nighttime viewing, but that's not bad, considering I am only running my cameras at 15fps during the day. The maximum framerate offered on my unit is 20fps and I did run the camera at that rate for a few days without any issue.

I use Blue Iris to manage all of my cameras. Although there are some reports of Blue Iris not liking Reolink, my experience has been good with eleven Reolink cameras at once, though I will admit that I've split my cameras between two separate virtual PCs, each of which run Blue Iris. The one has eleven Reolink and one other brand, and the second has four Reolink and two other brands. Trying to run eighteen cameras on one Blue Iris installation did cause some issues with cameras randomly disconnecting. I never did figure out why, but I have the horsepower in my system to handle two VMs, so that was a good workaround for me.

Most of my cameras are powered by PoE and this works perfectly. I have inexpensive, five-port PoE switches that I picked up at Microcenter and I am running four Reolink cameras on each. The power demand for four Reolink cameras, plus the PoE switch itself, is approximately 13 watts, according to a Kill A Watt meter that I used to test.

I have many Reolink cameras mounted outside, completely exposed to an entire seasonal cycle of NE Ohio weather, and I have not had any issues. I feel pretty confident that this new camera will perform equally well.

Although you can easily configure and manage this and all of the Reolink cameras with the software included on a small CD, it's much easier to do so using the onboard web-based management and any common browser (I use Firefox). The cameras will automatically acquire a DHCP lease when you wire them up and turn them on. Then just determine the IP with any free tool (I like Angry IP Scanner) and put that IP into your browser. This is very easy. There's also a nice, free Android app by Reolink that will find your camera and allow you to configure it.

As I've said, I run my cameras at 15fps during the day and this is more than adequate. I also capture full-color, high-res images in tandem with any motion-activated video recording (again, via Blue Iris) and the video as well as the still images are stunning.

Reolink frequently releases firmware updates with various enhancements, and uploading new versions to the camera is extremely easy via the management web pages. It's also worth mentioning that in the past, I have e-mailed Reolink with questions about their other cameras and it only takes a day or so to receive a response.

Pros: Gorgeous image with beautiful daytime colors and very respectable black-and-white nighttime images; high resolution brings out nice detail; the video settings section allows for a wide range of brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness adjustments; 4x true optical zoom is pretty quick; Sturdy metal housing and bracket; PoE works great.

Cons: This is probably not a fair con because I'm comparing it to different models in their lineup, but I do wish that it had a microphone. The package comes with a mounting template, screws and plastic wall anchors. The plastic wall anchors are not very good, but I have been using the screws without them since the areas where I mount have solid wooden surfaces to which I can screw them.

by Robert Jones on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Love the products! Couldn't be any easier.

I recommend the is product for anybody looking to save money and still get a super great and easy to use product.

by Kyle LeGendre on Reolink 5MP Security Camera
Large Housing, But Nice Camera

I currently own four different Reolink camera models and have tested several prototypes. I have this camera added to my Milestone XProtect server. Installation was very simple. I have the Reolink app setup from previous prototype cameras. Once I connected this camera to my network, the app automatically added the live feed. Very simple. I tested the camera with both POE and 12v power. Both work flawlessly. The frame rate and night vision on the camera are very nice.

I am very impressed with the quality of Reolink products. I continue to plan to purchase for home and business use.

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