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by Stef Pe on Reolink Argus

I have two major recommendations to consider for future software updates. One the one hand it would be nive to add a automatic format function for the sd card data eg 24, 48 and after 72 hours. In some countries (my home country Austria included) for data privavy reasons it is not alliwed by law to safe any video picture data on sd card even if you record only on your property. (thanks Austria).. Second, it would be great if the next software uofatesvwould bring a modification of the time table. I think more detailef selection of recording periods (eg set time from 0630 to 0715 ) would really helpfull.

Tjanks bye

by Javier Gandara on Reolink Argus
Extraordinarias Cámaras Argus

Me encantaron estas cámaras, compre 2 para usarlas en exterior, muy fáciles de instalar y usar, la calidad del producto como de la imagen es sorprendente , ya les llovió y como si nada.

Voy a comprar otras 2 para colocarlas en el interior.

Las recomiendo ampliamente

by Heather on Reolink Argus

I have had the Argus for about a month now and it has been great. Images are clear and even the night vision is very good. I have not had a problem with battery life and have managed to track down some rechargeable batteries to replace the ones that came with the camera once they are flat. It would be great if Reolink could offer as rechargable batteries and chargers as an additional product to purchase. The Audio is good, but feel it could be improved, however, it is adequate. All up though The Argus is an extremely good product at a very good price.

by Sai on Reolink Argus
Very Stable

Stable. I have been using it for last two months in the baby room. Alarm functioning well.
Quality for this tiny camera is awesome.
Made of very good solid material (not from cheap plastic).
So far no issues.

by Terence John Huet on Reolink Argus
Hands Down the Best 100% Wire Free IP Camera YET!

I have bought and tested a few IP cameras for personal use over the years and I have not come across one that is as simple and straightforward to use than the Argus. It IS 100% wire free, which to me is of the utmost importance. No more having to install new electric cabling just to get that camera hooked up.

The build quality of the camera is also top notch, however the team might want to look into the quality of the permanent mounting for the Argus, IMHO the quality of the permanent mount is nothing compared to that of the magnetic mount.

To date the camera and apps performance has been nothing short of amazing, battery levels are holding steady with 3-5 mins of daily usage.

I highly recommend Argus to anyone who has difficulties running new electric cabling to where ever it is you want to install a wireless IP camera.

Lastly I hope Reolink continues to improve on the Argus to give it longer battery life and other amazing features.

by Chris Norman on Reolink Argus
excellent self-contained solution

Received this product yesterday after backing it on Indiegogo. just set up 2 cameras, one front drive and one back garden. Work brilliantly during the day, but at night reflection from the glass obscures the images, so need to mount them on the outside rather than inside. Entirely my fault, and no problem as they are easy to mount and entirely weatherproof. Still exploring the options, and need to get micro SD cards to facilitate recording. So far so good. Really happy!

by Robert Haber on Reolink Argus
Argus Review

While the image quality, both day and night is excellent, the instruction manual is woefully inadequate, and there is no link to any more comprehensive online manual. Terms, acronyms, and features are not explained well or omitted altogether. Why use terms like Fluent and Clear when referring to image quality instead of traditional terminology? Why not explain how to expand the timeline view when reviewing video? Why make accessing the camera via a desktop computer so non-intuitive, instead of generating a QR code to scan and get instant access? Correct these issues and 5 stars would be given.

by Rupert Kent on Reolink Argus
Another winning product from Reolink

The Reolink Argus is the second camera in the completely wire-free range from Reolink. Following on from the Keen, the Argus introduces a second form factor and further enhancements to the feature set resulting in a high quality, simple to deploy product.

The primary change from the Keen to the Argus is the fact that Argus is smaller and is usable both indoors and outdoors. It employs flexible mounting options to allow simple positioning but loses the motorised pan and tilt function of the Keen.

Argus is supplied well packaged with a number of accessories to help you get up and running. In fact, the only thing you will need to add is a MicroSD card. In the box, you will find the device itself, four branded CR123A 3v Lithium Batteries an adjustable ball-ad-socket mount made from steel and a very neat magnetic mount. There’s a small plastic tool to help open the case and a pouch containing a quick start guide, reset needle, security warning sticker and some mounting templates. The review sample also contained a card offering a significant discount on other Reolink products when purchased through their website.

Battery and Micro SD card installation is very simple. A series of voice guides then walk you through the setup of the camera using a smartphone or tablet. Apps are available for both Android and Apple devices. I found that within 30 seconds, I had the camera connected to the Wi-Fi network and operating. A further 60 seconds of browsing settings in the app and it was all set up to record and play back. It really is that simple.

Battery life is always going to be a big question with these devices. It’s important to realise that totally wire-free cameras such as Argus are not designed to be placed in high traffic areas where they will be triggered constantly. Cameras such as Reolink’s PoE range are far better suited to this type of application. Argus and Keen are ideal for semi-remote locations such as garages and outbuildings where adding a PoE feed would be difficult or costly.

I have trialled Argus for around 8 weeks now and the camera has performed flawlessly. The image quality is generally very good both day and night, and offers a good wide field of view and excellent dynamic range. The built-in PIR triggers with good sensitivity and to-date I have not had a single false-positive. Recording and notifications are quick and playback fluent. The timeline based playback window is very intuitive and makes it easy and fast to find recordings.

Although the camera supports Wi-Fi only, the application offers connectivity to the camera over both Wi-Fi and cellular connections. This required no specific router configuration which is a huge bonus for users not of a technical disposition.

I am now trialling rechargeable LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries in both my Argus and Keen and to date have been impressed by battery longevity of both the rechargeable batteries and the original non-rechargeable Lithium cells provided with the camera.

Overall, like Keen, Argus represents a very good value-for-money, simple to install and use solution and is another strong product in Reolink’s impressive line-up.

-Ideal for non-technical users
-Fast installation and setup
-Flexible mounting options
-Good image and audio quality
-Support for rechargeable batteries
-Well made
-Competitive pricing

-Daytime image is arguably a little soft at the edges
-No support for saving recordings to a NAS or FTP server
-PIR window scratches very easily (although doesn’t seem to affect performance)

by anna on Reolink Argus
can I used more then one camera at the same location?

can I used more than one camera at the same location, one in the
front of the house and the back of the house?

by Rohit on Reolink Argus
Little Champ - Awesome Camera

Another good camera from Reolink. The build quality is good and feels sturdy, the packaging was very good with all the installation hardware. This is a truly wireless camera and the batteries are included. Though this camera can be installed in pretty any location (weather proof) however I would install this in the backyard or the porch. of the house. It has a built in PIR and siren. The motion sensing is very impressive. Works well with the app and the desktop application (on mac). Really appreciate that Reolink is taking the feedback from the end users, I am sure this will help identify what a user is looking for in a camera rather than pumping in features that might not always be used by the end users.

- I have reviewed the Netgear Arlo which is also a wire free camera,however the challenge is there is a descent delay between the actual action and when the video is actually displayed on the screen. This is definitely a few levels up.
- Very nicely packaged with and comes with all the hardware needed to install this camera, packaging can easily handle the rough journey.
- Solid construction feels strong and sturdy in the hand.
- Setup was a breeze with the setup assistant
- Two way Audio is decent
- Built in PIR sensor and alarm system.
- Both the desktop and the mobile clients are amazing they just work OOTB
- One of the most important feature of this camera which I am loving so far is the battery life. I have turned this camera on for a descent amount and still does not drain the battery so much.
- Wide angle lens
- Looks - this is a nice looking camera.
- So much is such a small form factor
- Support for SD card and expandable up to 64GB

- The alarm is not loud.
- Has some issues with the audio stopping/cutting out on the mobile app.
- Two way audio feature is good but the speaker is not loud enough, I tried to compare it to the Reoling Keen which I have and the Keen wins.
- Two way audio no noise cancellation - The two way audio although a very handy feature but didn’t work well for me. The noise cancellation would not work due to which after a couple of words the only thing you could hear was a loud echo making the two way audio useless feature. What I had to do was say something mute and then again say something and mute. I faced this issue both over wifi and 4G.
- No 5GHZ - Missing support for AC wireless.
- Not impressed with the night vision it does the work but could have been better.
- Video Clips would abruptly cut out or even finish

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