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An attempted package theft, your baby’s first step, or your boy’s overnight couch jumping, etc., your Reolink cam always witnesses something unbelievable, memorable, or even crazy. Share these magic Reolink captured videos. Get them featured here, and we’ve got gifts for you!

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1. Submit your video, and you'll get a 5% OFF coupon for buying Reolink IP cameras (except cameras on discount).

2. There is no deadline for submitting a video. We accept recorded videos of all time. The submitted videos should be 100% original.

3. Winners (whose videos get featured) will be chosen via the following criteria: the quality, the theme, and the creativity of the video submitted.

4. Winners will be announced monthly on Facebook/Twitter and the number of winners is unlimited. The more good videos you submit, the higher chance you'll win. Each winner will get a 10% OFF coupon for buying Reolink IP cameras (except cameras on discount) at our official website.

5. (Valid till Dec. 24, 2017, PDT) Winners of "Top ReolinkCaptures" will get a 20% OFF coupon, which can be used when purchasing all Reolink standalone IP cameras and accessories, including those discounted ones. (Winners will be announced on Nov. 24 and Dec. 25.)

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