Reolink Home Hub

Wireless Security Center with Encrypted Local Storage and Multi-Device Management

64GB microSD Card Included

Storage Encryption & Privacy Protection

Expandable System Up to 8 Reolink Cams

No Monthly Fees

Local Security, No Extra Costs

Get more control over your data with Reolink Home Hub. With an included 64GB microSD card and expandable up to 2×512GB with two microSD card slots, you have the ultimate storage flexibility. Compared to Cloud storage, this hub keeps your recordings and privacy fully protected locally at no potential risk or additional cost.

64GB microSD Card Included
Up to 512GB×2 microSD Card Storage
No Monthly Fees

All-in-One Security Solution

Supercharge your security system management with the Reolink Home Hub. Supporting up to 16MP ultra-high definition and up to 8 Reolink cameras, including dual-band Wi-Fi cameras and Wi-Fi 6 cameras, it offers great flexibility to customize your security center to match your preferences.

* Reolink Home Hub Series products are currently compatible with all Reolink PoE cameras, Plug-in Wi-Fi cameras, and most recently released battery Wi-Fi cameras except 2MP battery cameras and 4G cameras. Check compatible Reolink cameras.

Up to 16MP Resolution

UHD Video Quality

Supports Wi-Fi 6

5/2.4 GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi 6

Up to 8 IP Cameras

Reolink Cams Except 2MP Battery
Cams & 4G Cams

Perfecting Privacy

Encrypted Storage

Reolink Home Hub is armed with exclusive encryption algorithms, providing premium data protection against unauthorized access, even if your devices or SD cards are stolen.

Offline Recording

Enjoy true offline storage with all your recordings stored locally. No worries about data lose even if the network connection is interrupted. Rest easy knowing your videos are secured better than ever before.

LAN Access

The home hub creates a local LAN network, enabling your security cameras to function seamlessly without the need for an Internet connection.

24/7 Protection for Every Corner

High-Definition Live View & Playback

With just a few taps on the Reolink App, you can easily access live feeds and playbacks of high-definition main streams from multiple devices.

Reliable Alarm Center

The Reolink Home Hub will sound an alarm when any connected IP camera is triggered, providing comprehensive protection with multi-layered alarms. It features a variety of alarm ringtones for you to choose from, or you can customize your own.

Simple & Tidy Setup

Step 1
Set up the hub.

Connect the Reolink Home Hub to power, and then use the included Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

Step 2
Initialize the hub.

Open the Reolink App, follow the instructions to complete the initial setup, and then add your camera to the Hub.

Step 3
Add the cameras.

There are two ways to add cameras: from the list of devices on the LAN or by scanning the QR code.

All in Control, Anywhere & Anytime

Regular Security Summary

Quickly view daily, weekly, or monthly statistics of motion detection events through the Reolink App and easily check detection time. With all events presented in chronological order, it helps you stay informed about everything and easily access playbacks.

Multi-User Permission

Customize the preview and access permissions for multiple users, including setting the expiration dates. Additionally, you have the flexibility to update or remove the permissions at any time. Each device is allowed to set up 1 admin account and up to 10 sub-accounts.

Capture the Magic of Timelapse

With the timelapse feature, you are able to explore a magical world where long-term events, such as sunrise and construction processes, take place in minutes or seconds.

Download Reolink App
Work With Alexa

Access the Camera, Hands-Free

As easy as saying "Hey Google, show me the Front Door", you can check what's happening there on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs.

Coming Soon

Access the Camera, Hands-Free

This Alexa-enabled camera can be controlled through voice commands. You can view the live stream on your Echo Spot, Echo Show, or television (Fire TV Stick).

Coming Soon

What's in the box