Home Hub with 2x Argus PT Ultra + Solar Panel 2

Home Hub with 2x Argus PT Ultra + Solar Panel 2

Wireless Security System With 4K PT Standalone Battery/Solar Wi-Fi Cameras

4K Color Footage Day & Night

1 Year of Local Storage

Exclusive Anti-Theft Algorithms

Expandable System Up to 8 Reolink Cams

Your Wireless Solar Security System With Central Management

Elevate your security with up to 8pcs of Reolink IP cameras, all conveniently managed and stored through the Home Hub. Powered by solar energy, this wire-free security solution eliminates the inconvenience of wiring, ensuring uninterrupted protection for your home. Plus, benefit from seamless central management and monitoring of encrypted storage for peace of mind.

4K PT Battery Cam ×2

Standalone Cams

64GB microSD Card Included

Expandable Up to 512GB×2

Expandable up to 8 Cams

All Reolink Cams (Except 4G Cams)

360° All-Around Coverage in 4K

With the cameras' 4K resolution and 355° pan and 140° tilt, this system provides incredibly detailed footage and extensive 360° coverage. Plus, by setting key areas as preset points, you can get all-around monitoring with a single tap on your Reolink App.

Premium Privacy Protection

The Reolink Home Hub is armed with exclusive encryption algorithms, guaranteeing top-tier data protection. Compared to typical cloud storage, this hub stores and safeguards your recordings against any potential data loss even during network interruptions. Moreover, with the Home Hub, you have the option to establish a local network, providing direct access without dependence on the Internet.

Two Night Vision Modes

Argus PT Ultra delivers vivid color night vision with powerful spotlights, alongside sharp black and white night vision, ensuring that you won't miss any details that are difficult to see at dark!

Color Night Vision
Black & White Night Vision

Highlights at a Glance

Premium Security Without Extra Fees

Regular Security Summary

Quickly review daily, weekly, or monthly event summaries for all devices connected to the hub via the Reolink App or Client. Stay updated with the latest events, as all past detections are displayed and sorted by detection time.

Live View & Playback

With just a few taps on the Reolink App, you can easily access live feeds and playbacks of high-definition main streams from multiple devices.

Reliable Alarm Center

The Reolink Home Hub will sound an alarm when any connected IP camera is triggered, providing comprehensive protection with multi-layered alarms. It features a variety of alarm ringtones for you to choose from, or you can customize your own.

Simple & Tidy Setup

Step 1
Set up the Hub

Connect the Reolink Home Hub to power, and then use the included Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

Step 2
Initialize the Hub

Open the Reolink App, follow the instructions to complete the initial setup, and then add your camera to the Hub.

Step 3
Use the Hub

Access your cameras remotely via the app and view the live footage.

Stunning. Sturdy. Sustainable.

Capture the Magic of Timelapse

With the timelapse feature, you are able to explore a magical world where long-term events, such as sunrise and construction processes, take place in minutes or seconds.

Perform in Any Weather

The metal aluminum housing guarantees excellent weather resistance, ensuring reliable performance both indoors and outdoors, even in harsh weather conditions.

Non-Stop Power Supply

The 6W Reolink solar panel provides cameras with sufficient power for normal use throughout the day with only 10 minutes of charging. Plus, it can be angled in any direction as needed to maximize sunlight capture.

All in Control,
Anywhere & Anytime

Smart Detection & Alerts

By distinguishing between people, vehicles, and pets from other objects, these cameras minimize false alarms caused by shadows or leaves and send accurate alerts immediately. Enjoy peace of mind without distraction or monthly fees.

Multi-User Permission

Customize the preview and access permissions for multiple users, including setting the expiration dates. Additionally, you have the flexibility to update or remove the permissions at any time. Each device is allowed to set up 1 admin account and up to 10 sub-accounts.

Download Reolink App/Client
Work With Alexa

Access the Camera, Hands-Free

As easy as saying "Hey Google, show me the Front Door", you can check what's happening there on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs.

Coming soon

Access the Camera, Hands-Free

This Alexa-enabled camera can be controlled through voice commands. You can view the live stream on your Echo Spot, Echo Show, or television (Fire TV Stick).

Coming soon

What's in the box