Vandal-Proof Camera Series

Built tough. Built to protect.

IK10 Vandal Proof Strength

Unmatched durability. IK10 vandal-proof cameras are designed to resist external impacts like hits and stone throws.

Up to 12MP Ultra HD, Day & Night

Capture every detail with up to 12MP clarity. Reolink cameras offer different night vision modes to ensure vivid imaging around the clock that keeps details clearer than ever.

Day Vision
Color Night Vision
B&W Night Vision

Protection for Any Environment

Highly adaptable, our vandal-proof cameras are both compact and versatile. Robust IP67 weatherproof and metal housing means these cameras offer durable security wherever needed. They also offer versatile connectivity through PoE or Wi-Fi.

IP67 Weatherproof
Metal Housing

Easy-to-Use Smart Features

Animal Detection

For no extra fee, get access to Reolink's signature Smart Detection technologies, offering an additional layer of security against potential threats.

Double Warning

Allows the camera to trigger both a siren and spotlights when an event is detected, enhancing the deterrent effect and alerting users to potential security breaches effectively.

Reliable Storage

Our cameras support diverse local storage options including SD cards, FTP servers, and NVRs, ensuring your footage is safely recorded and accessible.

Always Connected

Stay connected on the go with the Reolink app, keeping you informed and in control, wherever you are.

Build Your Own Vandal-Proof System

Customize your security solution with ease. Pair any of our cameras with Reolink's PoE NVR or
Wi-Fi NVR for a tailored security system that meets your unique needs. Start designing your ideal setup today and ensure your property is protected, exactly how you want it.

Vandal-Proof Camera FAQs

What is a vandal-proof camera?

A vandal-proof camera, also known as an anti-vandal camera or vandal-resistant camera, is a type of security camera designed to withstand intentional damage or tampering attempts. These cameras are built with durable materials and protective features to prevent vandalism, such as vandalism-resistant housing, impact-resistant casing, and tamper-proof mounting brackets.
Vandal-proof cameras provide added security by ensuring that the cameras remain functional and operational even in challenging environments or situations where malicious individuals may attempt to damage or disable them.

Which camera type is more vandal resistant?

Generally, dome cameras are considered more vandal-resistant compared to bullet cameras.
Dome cameras have a compact and enclosed design and are often built with durable materials such as metal or polycarbonate, which make it difficult for vandals to access the internal components or tamper with the camera's lens. The dome shape and flush-mount design of dome cameras make them less conspicuous and less likely to be targeted by vandals compared to the more exposed and visible bullet cameras.
It's essential to note that the level of vandal resistance can vary depending on the specific model. It's always recommended to choose a camera with a vandal-resistant rating suitable for your specific security needs and installation environment. All Reolink vandal-proof cameras are rated IK10, the highest vandal-resistance rating possible for any security camera on the market.

Do I need to pay a subscription fee for Reolink vandal-proof cameras?

No. Our vandal-proof cameras come loaded with leading smart features such as person, vehicle, and pet detection, plus local storage, all at no extra cost.

How do I power Reolink vandal-proof cameras?

For PoE models, just connect them via an Ethernet cable to a PoE NVR, injector, switch, or router with a PoE port (ensure your equipment is 802.3af 48V compliant and supports active mode. )
For Wi-Fi models, simply need a DC power adapter plugged into a power outlet.

Can I use Reolink vandal-proof cameras both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, our vandal-proof series is designed for both environments. With an IP66 or IP67 weatherproof rating and an operating temperature range of -10°C to 55°C, they’re ready for anything.

How do I access live view and playback?

Install the Reolink app or Client, add your camera, and you’re good to go. You can check live views and playbacks from anywhere, anytime, with no subscription fee needed.

Where are the recordings stored? Do I need an NVR?

No NVR? No problem. Recordings can be saved to a microSD card (purchased separately). If you have an NVR, you can save directly to it. We recommend using Reolink NVRs for the best compatibility.

Is it compatible with Synology?

Yes, it works with Synology. Either add the camera to the Synology Surveillance Station or use your Synology as an FTP server for video storage.
How to add a camera to the Synology Surveillance Station?
How to set up FTP for Reolink products?

Why can't I connect it to third-party software?

Before connecting, open the Reolink Client and ensure all ports are enabled in the network settings. This should smooth out any software integration issues. If not, reach out to us!

Does it support smart home integration like Google Assistant?

Yes, our cameras integrate seamlessly with Google Assistant. Just keep in mind that when connected to an NVR, some functionalities may be limited.
How to add a Reolink camera to Google Assistant?