Reolink Home Hub Series

Your All-in-One Security Solution

Local Security, No Extra Costs

Take full control of your data with Reolink smart hubs, all without monthly fees. With an included microSD card or a built-in hard disk drive, home security hubs keep your recordings and privacy fully protected locally without any potential risk.

Included microSD Card or HDD
Expandable Local Storage
No Monthly Fees

Easy to Manage All with One Device

Supercharge your home security with this all-in-one security solution. Seamlessly manage up to 16 Reolink cameras and enjoy compatibility with impressive features like 16MP resolution, Wi-Fi 6 technology, and 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi. Experience unparalleled flexibility in crafting your customized security system.

* Reolink Home Hub Series products are currently compatible with all Reolink PoE cameras, Plug-in Wi-Fi cameras, and most recently released battery Wi-Fi cameras except 2MP battery cameras and 4G cameras. Check compatible Reolink cameras.

Up to 16MP

Ultra-Clear Video Quality

Wi-Fi 6 Ready

5/2.4 GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi 6

Up to 16 IP Cams

Reolink Cams Except 2MP Battery
Cams & 4G Cams

Encrypted Storage

Reolink Home Hub is armed with exclusive encryption algorithms, providing premium data protection against unauthorized access, even if your devices or SD cards are stolen.

Local Recording

Rest easy knowing your videos are secured better than ever before. No more worries about data loss even if the network connection is interrupted.

LAN Access

The home hub creates a local LAN network, enabling your security cameras to function seamlessly without the need for an Internet connection.

Product Comparison

24/7 Protection for Every Corner

Up to 16MP Main Stream

With just a few taps on the Reolink App, you can easily access live feeds and playbacks of high-definition main streams from multiple cameras.

Reliable Alarm Center

The hub provides multi-layered protection by sounding an alarm whenever any connected camera is triggered. Choose from a variety of ringtones or customize your own for a personalized security experience.

Step 1
Set up the hub.

Connect the Reolink Home Hub to power, and then use the included Ethernet cable to connect it to the router.

Step 2
Initialize the hub.

Open the Reolink App, follow the instructions to complete the initial setup, and then add your camera to the Hub.

Step 3
Add the cameras.

There are two ways to add cameras: from the list of devices on the LAN or by scanning the QR code.

All in Control,
Anywhere & Anytime

Regular Security Summary

Quickly review event history and get a weekly summary for all devices connected to the hub via the Reolink App, so you know what happened at a glance.

Multi-User Permission

Customize the preview and access permissions for multiple users, including setting the expiration dates. Additionally, you have the flexibility to update or remove the permissions at any time. Each device is allowed to set up 1 admin account and up to 10 sub-accounts.

Capture the Magic of Timelapse

With the timelapse feature, you are able to explore a magical world where long-term events, such as sunrise and construction processes, take place in minutes or seconds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is home hub? What does it do?

Reolink Home Hub Series products connect and control your smart cameras and provide central local storage. They are especially recommended to use with Reolink battery Wi-Fi cameras as the storage, alarm, and management center.

2. Which Reolink cameras are compatible with Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro?

Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro are compatible with all Reolink Plug-in Wi-Fi cameras, PoE cameras, and most recently released battery Wi-Fi cameras (except 4G cameras, 2MP battery cameras, cameras in NVR security kits, and add-on cameras).
Learn more about Reolink Home Hub compatibility.

3. How long can the camera record footage to Reolink Home Hub or Home Hub Pro?

The recording duration depends on the camera's bit rate, recording resolution, local storage, and recording frequency. For example, with two 4K cameras connected, Reolink Home Hub with a 64GB microSD card can store up to 1 year of 4K color footage, assuming each camera records 20 motion events per day, with each recording lasting 15 seconds. Learn more about the recording duration.

4. How long does the camera battery last on one charge when connected to Reolink Home Hub or Home Hub Pro?

When connected to a Reolink Home Hub or Home Hub Pro, a 4K battery Wi-Fi camera (updated with the latest firmware) will provide 5 months of battery life on a single charge, based on laboratory testing where the camera records 20 motion events per day, with each recording lasting 15 seconds. Learn more about the battery life.

5. What are the main differences between Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro?

The main differences lie in storage capacity and the number of supported devices. The Reolink Home Hub includes a 64GB microSD card and supports up to 2 microSD cards of 512GB each, accommodating up to 8 cameras. In contrast, the Reolink Home Hub Pro includes a 2TB HDD and supports up to a 16TB HDD and one 512GB microSD card, accommodating up to 16 cameras.

6. Do the Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro support Wi-Fi 6?

Yes, both models support 2.4/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi frequency & Wi-Fi 6 technology, covering an area of up to 450 square feet.

7. What is Security Summary?

The Security Summary is a weekly report that includes statistics on detection events, such as the time and count of push notifications, providing an overview of what occurred.

8. Can the camera continue recording to Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro when the network connection is interrupted?

Yes, cameras can continue recording to Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro during an Internet outage.

9. Do the Reolink Home Hub and Home Hub Pro work with smart home like Google Assistant?

Yes, both models work with Google Assistant.