Argus 4 Pro

180° Blindspot-free. 4K Color Vision Day and Night.

Industry-leading Battery-powered Security Camera

Experience a revolutionary leap in battery-powered security with our latest innovation. Boasting an impressive 180° field of view, 4K UHD resolution, our latest ColorX technology, and Wi-Fi 6 readiness. Plus, you can enjoy 24-hour battery life with just 10 minutes of charging with its external 6W solar panel compatibility.

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Argus 4 Pro Pre-Order Sale Terms and Conditions:

How does the "$1 for $50" deposit work?

1. $1 Deposit Redeemable for $50 Discount: During the pre-sale, spend $1 to buy a $50 coupon, usable during the product’s available period after launch.
2. Applicable to: Argus 4 Pro and Argus 4 Pro+SP Bundle. This activity is limited to use with the Argus 4 Pro and Argus 4 Pro+SP bundle, cannot be combined with other codes.
3. Purchase Period for the Deposit Coupon: From May 27, 2024, to June 9, 2024. Discount code restricted to one purchase per customer. Discount code is one-time use only per ID. Pre-order discount does not apply to Reolink distributors.
4. Validity/Usage Period for the Deposit Coupon: You must complete the order between June 10 to June 16, 2024. You will need to pay the remaining balance when you place the order.
5. Virtual Product: The coupon is considered a virtual product.
6. Redemption: The coupon code can be used on both Reolink official website and Amazon.
7. Pre-order Success: You’ll receive an email confirming your pre-order.
8. Refunds: Please contact Reolink support if you require a refund before June 16.
a. For refund of deposit only (if the discount coupon is not used), please contact customer service directly to refund the deposit.
b. If the coupon has been redeemed for an order and you want to cancel it, contact customer service to refund the actual amount paid plus the deposit.
9. Email Subscription Consent: By subscribing, you consent to receive the Coupon Code via email.
10. Final Explanation Rights Reserved: Reolink reserves the right for final explanation. By providing your email, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

How do the "One-Click Share and Earn" referral privileges work?

1. First-time Sharing: Users receive a 6% discount coupon the first time they generate and share a link, no additional coupons for multiple shares. Coupons valid as per the date issued.
2. Link Validity: Shared links remain valid until December 31, 2024.
3. New Users: New users logging in through a shared link for the first time receive a 6% discount coupon. Coupons are valid as per the date issued.
4. One-time Discount: Discount coupons obtained through shared links are valid for the first order only; no discounts for subsequent orders.
5. Commission for Sharers: After the new user’s order is delivered, the sharer receives a commission worth 5% of the order value, based on the amount actually paid by the new user. If the new user purchases any Argus 4 series product (including Argus 4 Pro+SP, Argus 4 Pro, Argus 4+SP, Argus 4) through the link before June 30, 2024, the commission rate is 6%.
6. Commission Eligibility: Commissions are only earned on orders from invited new users. A new user is defined as someone who has not purchased any Reolink product since May 1, 2023.
7. Order Placement by Sharers: Sharers cannot use coupons obtained by shared users for their own orders nor earn commissions on such orders.
8. Commission Settlement: Commissions are settled 30 days after the order without any status changes.
9. For settlement, contact Reolink customer service.

How does the "Subscribe for Trial" lucky draw work?

1. Successful Subscription: Subscribing offers a chance to win an Argus 4 Pro+SP.
2. Winner Announcement: Winners will be announced during the Reolink Special Live Stream on June 11th at 10 am PDT and will also be notified by email.
3. Consent for Promotional Emails: By subscribing, you agree to receive Reolink news via email.