Local Storage

Keep security local with Reolink NVR systems.

Secured Privacy

A Reolink NVR system can be managed without the Internet. You can use the NVR to control all cameras locally to ensure that what happens at home stays at home.

No Monthly Fees

No subscriptions to cloud storage are needed. Store your 24/7 footage securely with the NVR's built-in HDD, and you can expand the storage for several months of recordings.

On-Device Detection

Enjoy faster smart detection while better protecting your privacy. Your Reolink camera can analyze the image locally, all by itself.

Beyond Local Storage

24/7 Recording

Enjoy non-stop surveillance in up to 12MP high resolution. All-round protection day and night.

Easy to Setup

Offer a true plug-and-play experience, making installation a breeze. Say goodbye to complexity.

Supports PoE/WiFi Cameras

Compatible with various Reolink PoE/WiFi IP cameras. Customize your own security system with ease >

Complete Security: Home to Business

For Home

Achieve all-in-one control from your front door to backyard.

For Office

Ensure workplace safety with ease and foster a productive environment.

For Store

Secure every corner of your store to deliver 24/7 monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a PoE switch?

Yes, there are 3 methods.
Method 1: Plug the PoE NVR and the PoE switch to the same router via Ethernet cable. Then plug the PoE cameras to the PoE switch or PoE NVR.
Method 2: Plug the PoE switch to the PoE NVR, and then connect the NVR LAN port to the router.
Method 3: Plug the PoE switch to your router, then connect the NVR LAN port to your PoE switch.
For details, please refer to How to Connect PoE Switch Router and PoE NVR.
Note: By adding PoE switches, you will not expand the number of cameras supported by the NVR, since its video channels are immutable.

How to expand the NVR storage capacity?

You can change the pre-installed HDD to a larger one and/or add an external HDD for the NVR.
The currently on-sale RLN8-410 and RLN16-410 supports Max. 12TB in total: Max. 6TB via SATA, Max. 6TB via eSATA.

How many days of 24/7 recording can the HDD store?

With the 2TB HDD NVR, you can enjoy 8 days of 24/7 recording with 4 cameras at 8MP, and 6 days at 12MP. Opting for the 12TB HDD NVR, you'll have an impressive 50 days of 24/7 recording with 4 cameras at 8MP, and 36 days at 12MP.
* The data is based on the default bitrate of the cameras (6144 kbps/8192kbps) and is for reference only. Actual recording time depends on the settings. Results may vary. If you have any problems, feel free to contact our support team.

Can I connect WiFi cameras to my PoE NVR or PoE NVR system?

Yes, Reolink WiFi cameras can be connected to Reolink PoE NVR in an indirect way. You can follow these steps to connect them:
Step 1: Connect the camera to a WiFi router via WiFi signals or an Ethernet cable, and it needs to be powered via a power adapter.
Step 2: Connect the NVR to the same router by a network cable.
The NVR will pick up all the cameras on the same network.