Reolink Duo 3 PoE

First 16MP UHD Dual-Lens PoE Security Camera with 180° Panoramic View

Groundbreaking 16MP UHD

180° Panorama

Motion Track

Spotlight Night Vision

Ultra-Clear Details,
Exceptional Image Quality

Featuring two 4K image sensors, this dual-lens camera brings groundbreaking 16MP UHD clarity to you, ensuring no small detail goes unnoticed. Experience vivid imaging, even when monitoring a car passing by your front yard.

180° Ultra Coverage,
Every Corner Secured

Experience a stunningly smooth and immersive view with Reolink Duo 3 PoE. Utilizing an advanced dual-image stitching algorithm, it combines images captured by the dual lenses to present a panoramic view free of distracting seams or disconnections. Now, bid farewell to blind spots and enjoy this complete, uninterrupted perspective.

15s Video Summarized in One Picture

Motion Track, a new feature from Reolink, summarizes 15 seconds of motion events into a single image, perfect for understanding recent activity faster than ever. All with real-time notifications for people, animals, and cars.

See Through the Darkness

Enioy unparalleled nighttime visibility with the Reolink Duo 3 PoE. Featuring unmatched night vision technology, this camera lets you activate the built-in spotlights for vivid color night vision or switch to black-and-white night vision for discreet surveillance. Overcome the darkness and guarantee clear, reliable monitoring in any situation.

Spotlight Night Vision Comparison

Spotlight Night Vision
Daytime Vision
Nighttime Vision

Power over Ethernet Tech,
Easy Setup

Power up this camera with only one network cable. Thanks to the advanced power over Ethernet technology, a single cable manages both data and a stable power supply, eliminating the need for multiple wires. Setting up this camera is effortless, even for beginners.

Plug & Play
Reliable Connection

Deter Crime Before it Happens

Smart Detection

Accurately detect people, vehicles, and animals amidst other objects and send real-time alerts to you. Additionally, when swiftly passing cars or other targets are detected, the camera can take snapshots and send them to your email/FTP server.

Double Warnings

When suspicious intruders are detected, the spotlight and siren will be triggered automatically, acting as powerful deterrents against crime.

Two-Way Audio

With the built-in mic and speaker, you can engage in real-time conversation with your visitors or warn suspicious strangers to stay away. A direct yet highly effective feature.
Note: When connected to RLN8-410 or RLN16-410, this feature is available only through the Reolink App/Client.

Versatile Storage Options,
Secure & Convenient

Reolink Duo 3 PoE supports 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered, or scheduled recording. Store footage on a microSD card, Reolink NVR, or FTP server, all ensuring your privacy and control over stored data. With the H.265 video coding format, enjoy high-quality recordings in reduced file sizes, maximizing storage space without compromising quality.

microSD Card
Work with Reolink NVR

microSD Card

Supports up to 256GB microSD card (sold separately). Safe and convenient.

16 hours64GB
32 hours128GB
64 hours256GB

Enjoy Time-Lapse Fun

Easily observe hours, days, or even weeks of footage condensed into just a few captivating minutes.

Flexible Mounting, Anywhere You Prefer

This camera offers great flexibility! Whether on the ceiling or against the wall, it adapts to suit your specific needs.

Reliable Guardian in Any Weather

Built to be water resistant, this IP67-rated camera endures extreme weather conditions, way more durable than you'd imagine.

Remote Access Anytime,
Super Convenient

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time push notifications and emails when motion events occur, ensuring you stay in the know.

Remote Live View

Effortlessly keep an eye on your property from anywhere. You can check the live feed on your mobile phone or PC via the Reolink App/Client.

Smart Playback

Efficiently filter and search through saved videos based on event types and timelines. Locate the video footage you need as quickly as possible.

Customized Motion Zone

Tailor your motion detection zones to specific needs, focusing on key areas while reducing false alerts for enhanced accuracy.

Work With Alexa

Control Your Cameras, Hands-Free

As easy as saying "Hey Google, show me the backyard", you can check what's happening on the monitor.

Coming Soon

Control Your Cameras, Hands-Free

With a simple voice command through Alexa, you can effortlessly monitor your front door activities.

Coming Soon


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