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Get Your World within Your Sight
Get live streaming, play back clips, customize motion detection and more. Connect with your loved ones whenever and wherever you are.
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Smart Motion Alerts

Be Notified Instantly

Reolink camera will send you alerts when detecting the movement. So you can know immediately when burglars break into your house, or your kids get home from school.

Push Notification

Cloud Reolink

Email Alert

Cloud Reolink


Multi-Cam Live View

Be There
from Anywhere

All your Reolink cameras can be added into Reolink App/Client. View live feed of several cameras simultaneously and stay aware of your house or office, anytime from anywhere.


Easy Playback

Never Miss a Thing

The intuitive timeline design in the Client or App enables you to easily find the videos of interest. Identify porch pirates, figure out where your dog went or relive happy BBQ time with families.

Onsite Storage

Cloud Reolink

Offsite Storage

Clips uploaded to Cloud ReolinkReolink Cloud or FTP server for double insurance.


Motion Zone

Focus on the Important Areas

Specify detection areas and adjust motion sensitivity level for each camera according to your needs. For example, create motion zones around your driveway or front door to black out unwanted alarms from high traffic nearby roads.


Record Scheduling

Motion Recording or 24/7 Recording, You Decide

Reolink camera can be set to record in different mode at different times. 24/7 recording is ideal in high-traffic areas like store entrances, while in lower activity regions like warehouses or at night, motion-triggered recording can help you save storage space.

* Battery-powered cameras cannot support 24/7 recording.

Time-Lapse Videos

See the World in Another Way

Long-term events, like the flower blooming, sunrise, city scenes and even the construction projects, are too long to be perceived in real time. But you’ll find they are so amazing when these events are recorded in a time-lapse video. Shoot your magical time-lapse videos and share the fun with friends!

* This feature is incompatible when camera is connected to NVRs.


Crop Images

No Loss of the Essential Part

Tired of blurred images caused by a poor network? The crop function is here to help you! Select the area you want to keep and remove other unwanted areas from the image. And you will get a cropped and enlarged image with greater quality as well as more details, such as the license plate of a car or the appearance of a person.

Multi-Channel Sharing

Share Your #ReolinkCaptures

Share the video captured on your camera with friends or families via Facebook, Twitter or Reolink official site, so they can catch up on the latest events or share your happiness.

One App/Client for All Control