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  • Exceptional night vision performance tested indoors, noticeably faster with Wifi 6

    Tim - Jan 09, 2024

    Product: RLC-810WA
    Verified Purchase

    I have been testing the camera in an indoor environment, it has performed exceptionally well and exceeded my expectations, the Wifi 6 connection has proven to speed up connection time and live streaming connection.

    The night vision works very well, and the transition from night vision to colour night vision with spotlight is seamless and fast, I have been very impressed with the performance.
    I am in the process of moving this camera outdoors to test but am very impressed with the performances of this unit.

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  • This 8MP camera is the best value

    Steitzpa - Jan 28, 2024

    Verified Purchase

    I set up two of these outdoors and find the 2160p video super crisp. I have both recording to an NAS via FTP. No special directory initialization hassles; just enter the NAS directory location & credentials and the camera starts sending video. The video naming protocol is logical too (Name of camera + date-time). The HEVC265 format makes 600MB (max size in setup) videos that are 23-24 minutes long at 2160p.

    To set up, I plugged the camera into the back of my router and then installed the app on my phone. The camera grabbed a DHCP address once I started configuration on the phone. My phone app hung at the password setup step and I ended up finishing configuration from the Windows app. Once WiFi is set up, you can login via Internet.

    The spotlight feature is enabled by default, so set up the mask or your neighbors might be in for a light show. Mine was activating when someone walked by on the other side of the road after dark.

    You must have an SD card installed to configure "Storage". Once you set up NAS or other remote storage, the SD can be removed - this disables the Storage menu though.

    I set the WiFi to 2.4G and got one more bar of reception. It also eliminated a random popping noise that one of the cameras was getting on 5G.

    PS - Don't judge me by my yard. We've been alternating between drought and deluge for three years here.

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