How to Set 24/7 Video Recording in Reolink Client


Generally, there are 2 ways to set 24/7 video recording in Reolink Client if you do not have an NVR.

Method 1: Set 24/7 recording to your computer
Method 2: Set 24/7 recording to FTP server

Method 1: Set 24/7 recording on your computer


  • To use this method to set 24/7 video recording, you need to keep the computer and the client software running at the same time for 24/7.
  • Continuous recording may effects your PC performance.
  • Manual record is not available when scheduled normal recording to local is enabled.

Step 1.Launch Reolink Client and login your camera, open “Local Settings”.

Step 2. Choose “Record Settings” tab and click setRecord Schedule”.

Step 3. Check “Enable” and schedule recording 24/7 then click “OK” to proceed.

Method 2: Set 24/7 recording to FTP server

Step 1. Set up FTP server for your camera in Reolink Client.

Step 2. Schedule FTP recording 24/7 and click “OK” to proceed.

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

Applies to:

All Reolink cameras

in Client Software