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What is Reolink Security Cameras’ IP Waterproof Rating

The waterproof ability of a security camera is indicated by “IP rating”. The IP rating indicates the “Ingress Protection” rating, which is an international standard used to describe the environmental protection of electrical equipment.

To be against intrusion from dirt and moisture, all the Reolink security cameras have adopted the “IP66” standard. To know the common IP ratings and their differences for IP cameras, please see below.

Common IP ratings:

IP66 – Cameras with IP66 rating standard will have protection against any solid matter entering the equipment. They are protected against powerful jets of water, which means that a powerful jet from any direction will not cause any harmful effect to the cameras.

IP65 – IP65 rating has the same level of protection against dust and dirt but slightly less protection in water resistance. But it can still withstand water and be weatherproof. That is to say that it would still be suitable for some outdoor location.

IP54 – This IP rating indicates resistance to dust is not complete impervious, the equipment may be effected by the dust and dirt from outside. And cameras with this IP rating are only resistant to splashing water, not jets of water.

For the definitions and the meanings of the two digits in IP ratings, please see the picture below:

Waterproof Ratings

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