We Safeguard You & Your Privacy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy


We made security part of our culture. It is our priority to protecting your personal data. Your experience with Reolink products, like recording moments with Reolink cameras, sharing them via Reolink App or Client, storing the footages in Reolink Cloud... All should happen with your awareness and under your control. We keep this in mind: your privacy is critical to everything we are doing.


For maximum data protection, your data are encrypted by AES and RSA algorithms. To protect data in transit between Reolink Cloud, official website, App/Client and our servers, Reolink uses HTTPS, an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of your data during transmission.

Cloud Storage

Reolink Cloud collaborates with Amazon Web Services for secure data storage. Also, we use standard AES algorithm for data transmission encryption, use RSA/ECDHE algorithm for secure key exchange, and follow the TLS standards. When you save footage to Cloud or play clips back, your personal information is always kept confidential from beginning to end.

Privacy and Security Auditing

We constantly monitor the security landscape for new threats and potential risks, and improve our system accordingly using proven technologies. For authorized access to systems that contain sensitive customer information, we follow principles of least privilege. The Reolink Cloud, Reolink App, and embedded Reolink firmware will be updated regularly in accordance with the improvements to ensure best security for our customers.

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