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How to Set Motion Detection Sensitivity of Reolink IP Cameras

You can avoid unwanted alarms by setting suitable sensitivity for your Reolink security cameras. Please follow the steps below to select a suitable sensitivity value for your Reolink IP cameras.

Step 1. Click the “Device Settings” icon Device Settings Icon .

Device Settings

Step 2. Click the “Motion” icon.

Go to Motion

Step 3. Set up the motion detection “Sensitivity”.

Sensitivity Setup

Adjust the Values

Sensitivity: The “Sensitivity” setting is controlled by a slider, allowing you to set a value between 1 to 50. The lower the number value is, the more sensitive the motion detection will be.

You can define different motion sensitivity values for four periods of time. You can change each period’s starting and ending time to best match the changing lighting conditions in your location.

It is recommended to set the sensitivity higher (1~40) in daytime and lower (40~50) at night time.

To find the best sensitivity values for different times of day/night, it’s best to test the system during different time periods. Get an able-bodied volunteer to move around in front of the cameras you’d like to tune the sensitivity for. The ideal sensitivity level is that your volunteer’s moving always triggers the motion detection, but there are no false triggers (or very few) when your volunteer isn’t moving.

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

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