How to Playback Recordings via Reolink Client from SD Card or NVR

Here we take Windows for an example.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink Client and login your cameras/NVR, then click “Playback” button to enter the playback page.

Log In Interface


Step 2. On the right side menu, double click the camera to choose a camera.

If you have an NVR, please click camera icon  to show the channel list, double click to choose a channel.

NVR list

Step 3. Set “Type” as “All”, choose a date and click “Search” to search for recorded videos. The date(s) has recordings will show in orange shade.

Step 4. Left click the blue bar to select the time and then click the “Play” button to playback the recordings.

Playback Time Line

You may click the amplify  button to amplify the time line in order to show time in more details, click the narrow  button to narrow the time line.

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

Applies to:

RLC-410S, RLC-410WS, RLC-411S, RLC-411WS, C1, C2, NVR

in Client Software