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How to Access Reolink Cameras via Web Browser in LAN

There are many ways to see the videos captured by Reolink IP cameras. You can see the videos through our Reolink Client software on computer, Reolink App on smart phone, and ONVIF softwares (Blue Iris, MileStone, iSpy, Digital WatchDog, Sighthound Video, Security Spy, Synology, Qnap, IP Cam Viewer, TinyCam, Evocam, etc.) And now with the latest version of IP camera firmware, you can access and see videos captured by your IP cameras through browsers.

You can use IE 10, IE 11, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, to access your cameras (not through the NVR). With just a few simply steps, you can login your IP cameras on browsers and control them just like the way you do on Client software.

First of all, make sure you have updated your IP cameras to the latest version.

Video Guide

The video shows you how to view your Reolink security IP cameras with a web browser when your devices are in the same network.

Text Guide

1. Get the IP Address of your camera. Run Reolink Client. You can either check the IP address through the login interface or go to “Device Settings” >> “Network Status” to check the details of the network.

Get IP Address in Login Interface

Get IP Address in Network Status

2. Input the IP address of the camera in the address bar of the browser. And input the user name and password of the camera.

Login Interface on Browser

After clicking Login, you are all set and ready to see videos captured by your camera on browsers.

3. If you failed to load the page as shown above, you need one more step of checking your “HTTP Port” on Reolink Client. Go to “Device Settings” >> “Network Advanced” >> “Port Setting” and check your “HTTP Port” here.

And then go back to the browser and add the “HTTP Port” to the end of the IP address. For example, and hit “Enter” key to re-load the page. You should see the login interface of Reolink camera now.

If you experience any problems, please contact us for further support.

Applies to:

All Reolink cameras except NVR, Keen & Argus

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