16MP Imaging

The New Standard in Clarity

Meet 16MP Power

Reolink's 16MP series brings uncompromising image quality with a 16MP dual-lens design, with double the power of previous models.

Panoramic Vision for a Clear 180°

Reolink's innovative dual-Image stitching algorithm for a seamless 180° panoramic view. Perfect for monitoring wider properties, warehouses and more.

15s Video Summarized in One Picture

Motion Track, a new feature from Reolink, summarizes 15 seconds of motion events into a single image, perfect for understanding recent activity faster than ever. All with real-time notifications for people, animals, and cars.

The Latest Imaging, All-New Features

The Smarter Security Choice

Night vision upgraded.

The 16MP series excels at night with full-color night vision and a built-in spotlight. For traditional surveillance needs, easily switch to black and white mode in a single tap.

Smarter detection.

Humans, vehicles, and even animals, Smart Detection provides live updates and notifications straight to your phone for ease of use.

Faster setup, fewer cables.

Reolink's Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology streamlines security, allowing power and data to be transmitted over a single cable.

No monthly fees needed.

Modern security with no hidden costs. Utilize Reolink's smart local storage with your privacy guaranteed.

Enhanced two-way audio.

Audio clarity both ways. Communicate effectively, whether greeting visitors or issuing warnings.

Built tough.

With a IP67 weatherproof rating, your security won't miss a beat, rain or shine.

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