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    Hey everyone, I just installed the RLN8-410 POE unit, 4 RLC-420 4MP,and 3 RLC-420 5MP cameras using Cat6 23/4 cable throughout and all Cat6 ends. I know with POE the device is going to get warm but I took some thermal readings earlier midday in Florida heat and the cameras were anywhere from 102-113F (roughly 12-23 above ambient). Is this within the normal operating temperatures for the devices? I have not been able to find any information on the thermal limits of the cameras and normal operating temperatures. Similarly, does doing video preview from the unit itself heat up the cameras any more than normal operation? Any input is appreciated. Cheers!

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    The Specs of the camera are 14°F~131°F Environmental Temperature. So that should leave enough tolerance,
    cause they expect the camera itself getting hotter than 131°F i'd say.

    As for the 14°, there is a post in the reolink blog, stating that the lower temperatur is just required for ”startup” from a cold state. Cameras running 24/7 or being brought outside for startup can operate way lower than 14°F, they claim:


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