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    Hello just updated the firmware i think for my 410, and am disappointed to see none of the things i have previously mentioned to support has been addressed. so I'm putting it here, and hopefully someone will agree and fix things. many of which are simple easy things. I like and enoy your product, except the dvr and its software frankly, which is a shame.

    simple things surely:
    -when one goes into the ptz settings for the camera, it sets the movement value at a 32 default EVERY time...seriously how hard is it to save the setting from the last time you went in it, so you didnt have to take the time to , in my case, lower it down to 6-7 so it has a reasonable pan speed I feel comfortable with? it isnt difficult at all. I cannot tell you (but I do tell others) how many times, i see something move out of camera shot, and so i ump into the ptz to move the camera and suddenly it jumps super fast across the view at 32 increment spots, or even worse it sticks and keeps spinning past the first 32 increments, and whatever it is i wanted to see blurs past, or is gone by time i can click to lower it 26 times enough to pan over.

    -Others have mentioned it the auto focus takes forever...have it save its position and just go to it if you wish. and lets allow a manual adjust too. no real reason not to.

    -on mine, when i program a patrol/route, the camera will not move from the left to the right. ever. it only moves left. so if i have it go in its patrol from something to the right then to the left, it goes fine, but if i want it to go to something even the slightest bit to the right in its patrol, it rotates ALL the way around in a circle to get to it.that is absolutely retarded, sorry but it is. and what is worse, is if i manually, 'call’ a preset then manually call one to the right it works fine...So I KNOW you have the code for moving it done fine, but it is important to pan back AND forth in zones as a security future, so it needs fixed. I have a 420 ptz btw and have for over a year now.

    more difficult fixes surely, but come on, coders are better than this,or should be. I know i am.:
    -the indexing is just sloppy when replaying video. if I am scanning past video at for instance 4x, then pause, and then hit play at regular speed or reverse 2x, it often will misindex and move like 20,30minutes or a hour off the point i was watching. this is just horrible if you are not paying attention to the specific time it is, you just get lost in the video, and worse yet miss important seconds which can and often does contain really important video because you do not realize it skipped ahead or behind. I know you guys are security program coders and nit video player coders, but come on....hire someone who is or out source it.

    Your products are fine, but seriously the nvr software/reply /lack of ability to do correct patrol paths that can move the camera back and forth withut going in a complete circle is major imo, and not saving the last movement speed is just annoying and should be a real simple thing to fix. Thank you.

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    oops i forgot another major one, and i know others want it done as well...have the ability to turn OFF the IR leds without turning off IR mode. for instance using external IR flood lights placed elsewhere, and disabling the ones on the camera. Why would anyone want to do this you might ask? well...most of us know why....having cameras with what is pretty bright, in the dark red leds in the 890nm spectrum glaring at you through the darkness is a sure way of letting people know where your cameras are, which direction they are facing, etc...which allows them to avoid them, sabotage them,etc.
    turn off the lights and no one will spot a camera in the dark that easier to even know they are currently being watched or what direction it is sweeping at. it is just horrible having these red globes glaring at someone in the dark, which can easily be seen from a hundred + feet away. and while we are mention ing it, maybe offer a black or dark colored model that isnt bright white? we all know you want to have everyone see that your product is there for sales purposes, but it just isnt smart. I specifically removed reolink from the casing so people wouldnt know what camera i had and therefor be able to look up its specs easily or its limitations and possible exploits. I do not want anyone to even know i have a camera there and certainly not at night glaring in the darkness.



    lets see, I posted that on Oct 31st 2018, and it is now Nov. 24th 2018...weeks gone by and the people whom I pad multiple hundreds of dollars cannot evidently even find the time to respond on their own forums? Is anyone at this company even trying?



    Hi, thanks for your suggestion and sorry for our late reply. It seems you used the RLC-423 camera. For the PTZ and cruise issue, could you report to the support team to check? Refer to For the IR LEDs issue, it is a hardware limit and we solved it on our new model, refer to RLC-511. For the RLC-423, we'll also release the new version in the future and you may subscribe us for the news:

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