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    Hi Everyone
    I have a RLC-410W camera.
    The camera is mounted outside on the balcony of a 30th floor building. My router is placed at the front of the apartment.
    I am obviously getting significant interference from other wifi networks on the balcony.
    I have 2 spare routers that I have tried using to get stronger signalling as I have ethernet setup in each room. Connected Lan to Lan port on each router.
    I can connect to the Camera if using a factory reset on the 2nd router however once I turn off DHCP and assign a new IP address (outside of the main router), the camera no longer connects to the 2nd router.

    Furthermore, I have also tried leaving DHCP on and then connecting the camera to the 2nd router, however Reolink software still doesn't detect the camera unless if it specifically connected to the main router (which is further away).

    I have also tried replicating the SSID and password (which the camera connects to successfully) however again Reolink software is unable to detect the camera from the 2nd router.

    Unfortunately there is no way to feed an ethernet port to the balcony. Not an option at all.

    How do I configure the 2nd router so that the main router detects the Wifi camera in the network?
    Would a wifi repeater that simply repeats the main router signal work? I think the repeater creates it's own wifi name anyway which again will be the same issue as above. Regardless, I have ethernet right next to the window where the camera is located and have 2 spare routers but I can't seem to get this working.



    Hi,From your description, the main router and the 2nd router are connected by Ethernet cable from LAN to LAN, in that case, the DHCP server on the 2nd router should be disabled, but the IP address you assigned to the camera should be the same subnet as the main router, which we wonder is the main problem. How about if you assign a new IP address in the same subnet as the main router, will it work?



    please note, the main router should be plugged into the LAN port rather than the WAN port of the 2nd router



    Thanks for your reply.
    I realised my ethernet port in the wall wasn't directly connected to the router and managed to fix it.

    My main issue now is the camera consistently dropping off on wifi. There's probably at least 15 other wifis and despite my router only being 2 metres away and only a glass window in between I'm still having issues. Problem existson both primary router and 2nd router.

    I'm wondering if I should get a long wired antenna and stick the end against the window. That way the distance will be 10cm from the router. I really shouldn't have this issue but that's wifi for you. Issue exists on 2.4ghz and 5ghz.
    I've also tried using specific less used channels but this didn't work either.


    I'm thinking of getting an ethernet to wifi converter dongle to see if that resolves the issue. Maybe the wifi on the camera is just poor quality and can't hold a stable connection regardless of how close it is to the router.

    I'm starting to think there is no solution for wifi cameras being reliable.



    Sorry for the troubles, could you please submit a request to Reolink Support from this link: ? They will try to help you to find out if there is any other solution.

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