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    Hi, which DDNS Services can be configured with the software?

    Only DynDns or also other ones? Any free services supported?

    I am mainly interested in RLC423


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    Looking under ”Type” in the DDNS section of the configuration, it shows ”DynDNS” and ”3322″.  I'm not sure if it would work with anything compatible with either of these two.

    Currently deployed covering horse stables and home
    (01) - 16-port POE NVR
    (14) - RLC-410B POE
    (01) - RLC-423 POE
    (01) - RLC-C2
    (01) - RLC-Keen
    (01) - Argus




    So I understand that DynDNS is the only usable service as 3322 is only chinese.

    Unfortunately DynDNS is 40$ a year.

    Is there a DDNS service provided by reolink for remote access as it is the case with Dlink cameras or instar cameras?



    I have already put in a feature request to add more DDNS providers.  Please speak up as well telling Reolink you need more as well, as the current list is totally insufficient.

    I would like to see and added.



    Hi, sorry for that we only support DynDns now. For remote accessing, you can use the UID via Reolink App.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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