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    I am able to log in remotely from another computer offsite but I can't get the live feed to show. I can change settings & do anything else besides view live feed. I am viewing the IP camera from Public IP:Port # so everything is configured correctly. Just need to figure out whats going wrong with the live feed. Any suggestions?





    I'm in the same boat. I've tried both Chrome, and IE on Windows XP and Windows 10 without any luck.



    Hello, to log in the camera remotely, except forward the HTTP port, please also forward the RTMP port(number 1935) to the camera IP address on your router, there will be live feed then. the URL to access the camera via browser is WAN IP:HTTP port.

    port forwarding



    I've already done that.  I'm able to see the camera, and change settings the same as Djustice, but the live feed never plays.  It just shows a circle go around and around, as if it was trying to load.



    This is all I'm seeing from both the fluent and clear feeds.



    Hello~Please check if you have opened the port 1935 for your camera so that it can preview remotely. If you have already done that, and can preview videos on Reolink Client software but couldn't see any live feed on web, it's most likely that your flash player of the browser is causing the problem. Please try updating or reinstalling your flash player and try again.



    That fixed that camera, but I now have another problem with a different camera.  I'll start my own thread, sorry for hi-jacking this one dl justice.



    I am trying to access multiple RLC-410WS cameras remotely using Internet Explorer.  I have my router set up to forward port 80 and have the HTTP connection working to the cameras.  The cameras all share a single external IP address and port 80 on each camera is forwarded to a different port.  For example:

    externalip:50150 -> camera1internalip:80

    externalip:50151 -> camera2internalip:80

    externalip:50152 -> camera3internalip:80


    The URLs for the cameras are then:





    The remote Web browser connection allows me to login, but I am not getting the video feed.  I understand that I need to also forward the RTMP port (port 1935).  I can forward each cameras RTMP port to a separate port on the external IP address:

    externalip:51150 -> camera1internalip:1935

    externalip:51151 -> camera2internalip:1935

    externalip:51152 -> camera3internalip:1935

    I assume that I must specify the external RTMP port in the URL when accessing the camera remotely via a Web browser.  How do I do that?

    Thank you.




    Hey Larry! If you want to log in and view your camera remotely, you need to open both port 80(http port) and port 1935(RTMP port) for the camera in the router setting page. You don't need to specify the external RTMP port in the URL when accessing the camera remotely. However, for now we only support one RTMP port(which is 1935) for previewing, which means you can only forward the RTMP port for one camera and therefore  you can only view one camera remotely.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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