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    What is the best way to view either an individual camera or say a group of cameras on a web page with no interaction.

    I have installed a 16 camera system for my HOA and would like to display a single camera or maybe a group of cameras that the home owners can view on our web page.

    Thank you for your help!



    Hi, Affiliated,
    Thanks for requesting information about our product.
    Firstly, to allow others view the cameras via a web browser, it is suggested to set up DDNS on the NVR, then forward the HTTP port(default value is 80) and RTMP port(default value is 1935) to the NVR on the router, in that case, the home owners could remotely access the NVR.
    As to how to configure DDNS, please firstly go to go to Network > Advanced > DDNS to configure it. You should first go to website of DynDNS to apply a domain name.


    To limit different home owners view different cameras, it is suggested to set different users with different permission. please follow the steps below:
    1. Go to System > Users. Click on Add to add different users as guest.
    2. Choose the guest account and select Modify.
    3. Then go to Permission on the bottom. Choose Operation > Remote Preview on the next page, you can choose different channels for this user to view.
    After configuring this, you can give the domain name, different username and password to the home owners.
    The maximum number for guest users is 12.
    Hope this could help.



    The question was, can I send a ”link” to a particular web page to display either a Camera or Cameras so many people can simply ”view” the display on this particular web page with NO interaction..




    I'm sorry that we cannot do that.
    sorry for the inconvenience caused.



    I believe I'm trying to do the same thing.  My website needs an embedded code for me to live stream my camera.  Is there any way that Reolink can provide this?  It'd be alot easier than me having to download an encoder, set up a twitch account, etc. etc.



    If you want to embed code to your website for live stream your camera, you can use the RTMP code to do that. The RTMP for our IP camera installed with the latest version is: rtmp://(ip address)/bcs/channel0_(stream type).bcs?channel=0&stream=0&user=(user name)&password=(user password). For example, viewing with main stream: rtmp://

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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