Forum Software usually cannot view recording until after 15 minutes?

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    I have the 410 nvr and the 420 ptz and sometimes i watch live what is happening and something will catch my eye, so of course, I will go to replay the footage, right then and there to see what is going on, or went on, and usually the review play wont let me go up to the time to see it. i have to wait for like 15 minutes to pass...and well by that time to see what has went on, my children would of been already dead and my wife raped, or house robbed....this is not a good thing....I really hope there is a way to fix this, so that when i see something 'live’ which intrigues me or happens to be a cute girl currently walking by,of interest i can pretty close to immediately go back and see up until that point at least. This lack of being able to do this, with the constant problem of indexing which causes the time to jump and skip when pausing or going back to review are real irritations.

    p.s. no i dont not have a wife or children it was a example, and if i did i wouldnt be checking out cute woman.



    lets see, I posted that on Nov 3rd 2018, and it is now Nov. 24th 2018...weeks gone by and the people whom I pad multiple hundreds of dollars cannot evidently even find the time to respond on their own forums?



    Hi, sorry for our late reply and may I know did you used the RLN8-410 for the recordings? And did you mean the highlight motion time in the progress bar when you playback the recordings? If it is so, our App and NVR end support that now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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