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    I reached out to support but while waiting for their reply, I thought I would check here too.
    I have a 2 camera system. One outside and one inside.
    I set up one scene, using an icon as ”home”, where only the outside camera is enabled.
    The other scene I setup is ”Exit” where both cameras are enabled.
    When I press ”Exit”, both cameras do get enabled, but when I press ”home”, they both remain enabled.
    The ”Home” icon definitely only has one camera attached.
    Anyone run into this before?



    Hello. The scene function can only control the detection recording, alarm of the camera. The other setting such turn off the camera, disable motion detection will not apply for.



    Thank-you for your reply.
    I have another question regarding Scenes.

    Lets say I have 2 Scenes setup on my phone for ”Exit (Camera On)” and ”Home” (Camera Off).
    When I leave my house, I'll use Scene ”Exit”

    Lets also suppose that I setup the same Scenes on my wife's wife.
    It appears to me that if she comes home before me and presses ”Home”, it will NOT disable the camera from recording.
    So, my question is, is there a way to SYNC both phones so that either of them can disarm a system that was armed from the other phone.
    I hope this makes sense.



    If there is one phone enable 'exit’ and then another phone enable 'home’, the camera will only save the settings of 'home’ except the push. The push will also send to the first phone, but the camera will not record video to the SD card. Hope my explanation is clear.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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