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    FongJeng Kum


    I have updated my Reolink App for Android to the latest version v4.5.1.0 and I found a glitch in this release:
    – When I switch from potrait mode to landscape mode, the PTZ icon is showing on IPC that have no PTZ feature, when I press that PTZ icon, it goes away for non-PTZ IPC.

    New feature in this release:
    I notice that it will not automatically Live Stream if detected running on Mobile Data. I will have to manually press the ”PLAY” button to load the Live Stream. It's a bit annoying to me as I don't have the ability to turn on this feature. Hope in the next update, it will have the setting to allow me to Live Stream on Mobile Data automatically.



    Tom Scheifler

    +1 for automatic live stream on mobile/cellular data.
    I get why you do it to avoid nasty surprises on data usage but give us the option to make it automatic.

    RLC-411WS x 1
    C1-PRO x 2
    RLC-422W x 2



    I second that vote for user ability to choose automatic live feed.



    Also I was wondering what does ”Automatically Live” do in the android app?
    When I click on the 3 bars upper lefthand corner and click on settings, top entry.



    Hi guys,
    Thanks for your valuable feedback. Your voices have already been forwarded to our development team. We take your thoughts very seriously.

    @FongJeng Kum
    I am not able to duplicate the bug. Can you show us a video of how you duplicate this issue please? Thank you so much.



    With that option ON, it brings you right to the live view page instead of the Devices page every time you launch the App.


    R P

    The option to enable live viewing straight away in 3G/4G, etc was there on the previous versions. This used to be found in the app through the devices screen, pressing on the menu button, and then selecting settings. For some reason the option has now been removed???

    I'm a bit perplexed as to why this option might have been removed as its something users would want to turn on/off depending on where they are and what they want to do.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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