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    Jerrel Schoenrock

    I am curious if Reolink is ever going to take responsibility and fix the remote viewing Reolink Client Software? I've had my cameras for a couple of years and been through several firmware and software updgrades. Whenever I have inquired about it, support merely wants me to do another firmware upgrade.

    Everyone has to know that it will hardly connect over the internet. Works fine on your home network but not away from home. I'd say it takes about 5 attempts to get it to connect for live viewing and almost impossible to play back recorded clips.



    I had the same problem and it turned out to be my cell provider. I bought some prepaid sims from different providers until I found one whose cell network worked well. Not sure what the problem is since a few of the cell providers weren't interested in helping figure it out.



    Yeah agreed this problem has been around for years... strange though, I had a situation very recently where I needed to check the status of my property remotely due to a burglar alarm notification.. I was on the move and had the reolink open and couldn't connect with 4G at full bars on the phone.. nothing.. then I drifted out to a remote area in the country where I had barely any signal on 3G and it connected so am unsure exactly what the problem with the connection is?



    If it is hard to access the camera via the mobile data, you could take a screenshot of the system status via Reolink app. Then, please send an email to Our technical support will check it for you soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Jerrel Schoenrock

    It is ONLY on my home network that connection and playback works very well. I can be on cell data or a really good wifi away from home and it is crap. I have had other brands and they connect remotely just fine.

    I downloaded Swann Link (which is like a clone of Reolink Client) and it doesn't work well either. It works great with Swann cameras though. Hmmm..?

    But the question remains unanswered, unanswered, unanswered! WHEN WILL THEY OR WILL THE EVER FIX THIS PROBLEM? How many years has this been going on? They are selling a product based on remote viewing capability to monitor their property, but it doesn't really work. They take the money and don't deliver in that respect.



    So I have a system at my work that has Comcast/ Xfinity as the internet provider. I have a system at home that has T-Mobile as the internet provider. If i'm at work I can't connect on wifi using the 2.4 or 5 internet but when I switch it to the free xfinity wifi it works. Have no ideas



    Came here to find a solution, but guessing there isn't one reading these posts.

    On my iPhone my older 4/2018 RLC-410s (4MP) takes at least 5+ refreshes to get a live feed going. My newer 4/2019 RLC-410(5MP) typically starts right away.



    Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.

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