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    It would be really handy if you included the camera setup information or QR code on the shipping box or inside the shipping box. I deleted the camera from my ”app” and need to re-add it only I'm 300 miles away from where I installed it. If you put the QR code, UID, IMEI. ICCID in or on the box the camera came in, it would save me a 600 mile round-trip and a climb up and down a tree to photograph the stickers on the camera itself. It's very common practice to include this information like serial numbers and MAC addresses on the boxes AND on the actual devices for other high-tech Internet products like routers, servers and modems. In this case, I brought the boxes home but left the cameras installed at the remote location.



    Really sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your suggestion. I will forward the request to our manager. You may also find the QR code and save it on the phone, refer to



    I have to disagree with the OP. Most people throw out the box, putting it on the box would allow anyone to scan it. Where it is currently located is the optimal location.

    The QR code is not the only way to add a camera to the app. The QR code is simply a visual representation of the UID string. When the camera was attached to your app you could have written down the UID code at any time by accessing the camera's information in the app. Also, the UID string is written directly below the QR code on the camera so you could have also written it down before mounting it. There were several opportunities for you to write down the UID code before the camera was deleted from the app.

    You have my sympathy that you are going to have to make such a long trip to re-add your camera to the app, but it could have easily been avoided. Reolink should not change how they currently implement the QR code or UID since any changes would make it easier for someone to compromise a given camera by obtaining its UID.


    Crimp On

    When I unbox a new Reolink camera, the first thing I do is open my Contacts file and add the camera information. One line for each camera, including the model number, UID code, and the IP address that I assigned to it. (OCD – every camera has a designated IP address on my WiFi network.) I have added cameras to my Reolink app from 3,000 miles away when I left my tablet in an UBER and had to buy another one.

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