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    It would be very useful if there were an option that could be enabled where the camera has to detect motion movement X times within Y seconds before sending the push notification.

    I am using the RLC-410WS, and get a lot of ”false” triggers that come from a bug flying in front of the camera, or during at certain times of the day when the sun shines through the trees and the wind is blowing and shadows result in motion triggering.

    I realize there is the sensitivity option that can be configured – and I probably need to play with that for the sun shining through the tree issue – I have a my motion detection area mask enabled, and I've already backed down the sensitivity to about 25% for my night-time settings but a moth flying right in front of the lens triggers even on the lower sensitivity These are fast moving events that would not be there 2 seconds later, and would be nice to not get the alert to have to review.

    Ideally you'd have the option for configuring X events within Y seconds and then torecord, send notification, both.


    FongJeng Kum

    I totally agreed!!!!
    Lately it has been raining over here and it triggers the email notifications every minutes to my GMAIL and Google eventually locked my email account for 24 hours due to hammering of emails.


    Nathan F

    I like this idea too as I have the same issue with bugs/shadows/sunlight.

    But I have also submitted a feature request via email to Reolink asking for the option to include ”person detection” as well as simple motion. For me, I am only really interested in getting alerts when people are detected, much like a similar brand of cameras can do.

    Would this be interesting to others?




    Nathan F, yeah good idea, i'd be interested... I reckon they could program it to react over a larger area.. for instance a moth is say 2 inch square with motion blur and light reflection, a person is a larger area. Not sure how the current sensitivity works but don't think it's done of size of light change, probably intensity..



    ”detect motion movement X times within Y seconds before sending the push notification”




    Thank you for your huge support for Reolink. We will try as hard as possible to make the feature requests come true. And we appreciate your future suggestions as well as constructive criticism for Reolink. For updates and what's new about the new firmwares and softwares, and for keeping your system up to date, you may subscribe to our newsletters.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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