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    Argus 2 with solar panel.

    The camera does not pick up motion like it should. When it does, it does not send a push notification. PIR is set. Push notifications are on. I have rebooted, re-installed, set schedules, and adjusted camera Nothing works. It also won't let me set up email notifications. Says invalid email.

    PIR-on: I have tried all settings in PIR
    Push Notifications-on
    Using a 32gig SDcard

    It would be a great little camera, if it worked.

    Any suggestions on how to fix these problems?
    Much appreciated in advanced for any help. As the help desk had not got back to me...



    I have the same issue with my newly purchased argus 2. By me it doesn't even detect motion. I have reset, tried with different SD card. Nothing helps.
    Bigger issue is that Reolink's support is terrible.

    Please can a rep from reolink advise



    I've been trying to get it too work. It has to be set at a precise angle. ( meaning you can't point the camera straight at where someone would be walking) It has to be point to the side and that angle is hard to find. I got it once and it worked. But somehow it moved and I haven't been able to get it right again. It picks up late now or not at all. I really want this camera to work. I think it has a great picture. But that doesn't mean jack, if it doesn't pick up motion.

    Not picking up motion when camera is pointed at a path where someone would be walking is ridiculous.

    I did get the notification to finally work. It picks up the wind great. LOL No matter what sensitivity I put it on.

    Your right support is terrible. They take forever to answer and give stock answers. I have till July to get it figured out, before I'll send it back. Let me know if you find the answer, I'll do the same.

    Good Luck.



    Hi friend, sorry for the inconvenience. It is suggested to send the liveview image of the camera and the PIR setting to our support team for further check, will help you check if the camera is installed and set up properly, then offer you further advise. Much appreciate your understanding.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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