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    I'm using a RLC-411 on WiFi. I use a static IP address with the http port set to 55002 and can access the camera via a browser on the LAN. I set up port forwarding on my router to staticIP:55002. From the WAN I can get to the login screen of the camera just fine but neither the admin or the guest account password work. Both fail with wrong password while these work fine on the LAN? I have other (Non-reolink) cameras where this works. Is there something about forwarding to the media port vs the http port?

    I can't figure this out and your documentation and forum are pretty useless.

    Please help if you can as I'm on the verge of returning this camera.



    Sorry to learn your problem. Would you mind resetting the camera to blank password(no password) and trying?

    1. Power off the camera
    2. Press the reset button
    3. Power on the camera(do not release the reset button)
    4. Hold for 10s
    5. Release the reset button

    The user name and password will be defaulted to factory setting:
    user name: Admin
    password: (blank)

    Make your life safe and sound.



    Are you serious? After spending the time to configure my camera with all the custom settings you're asking me to reset it back to the factory setting to see if no password will work from the WAN?

    First off this will break the port forwarding as this will switch from a static IP back to DHCP so I'll have to change my router too. Then the camera will be wide open to the outside!?! And if it works without a password what does this tell us? I can't securely use the camera in this configuration and then I have to go back and configure it all again to then not have it still work!

    I think you need to offer something different to try like maybe just clearing the admin password I currently have first and see if that works? I already fell into your 16 character WiFi password limit and had to change router settings to work around that. You don't have a password character limit for the accounts do you?



    So sorry that we did not notice about the settings. Appreciate your good suggestion on this.

    To modify the password only, you may go to page USER–>MANAGE USER:

    If to reset the camera, it is suggested to export the configuration files in page MAINTANENCE–>CONFIGURATION first, and after testing import the configuration files in the same page:

    However, is your camera RLC-411 or RLC-411WS?
    For password, there are 2 kinds as SSID password required of the reouter(RLC-411WS) and user password for camera(RLC-411/411WS).

    SSID PASSWORD: Less than 16 characters
    USER PASSWORD: Less than 32 characters; no space in the first character.

    Make your life safe and sound.

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