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    Crimp On

    I also support a change to the Reolink App in regards to PIR control of battery powered cameras. While ”better than nothing”, scheduling PIR on/off one camera at a time falls short. Most of the time, I want to record any time someone comes to the door or into my back yard, even if I am home at the time. (Proof that UPS actually delivered like they say they did, for example.) However, there are occasions when we are in and out dozens of times, like doing yard work, sitting on the porch watching hummingbirds, etc. etc. That generates dozens of alarms, recordings, emails, etc. and EATS UP BATTERY.

    Yes, I can open the Reolink app. Connect to one camera. Turn off PIR. Connect to another camera. Turn off PIR. etc. etc. Then, when I want detection again. Open the App. Connect to first camera. Turn on PIR. Connect to next camera. Turn on PIR. etc. etc. Blech!

    What I would like is an option on the Reolink App that says:

    Turn off PIR on (this list of cameras) until:
    I turn it back on, or
    n minutes or hours from now. (60 minutes = one hour, so 300 minutes = five hours)

    Open the App, click the button, and PIR is off (and might come back on automatically).

    Other products offer ”geofencing”, which turns motion detection on when my mobile phone leaves the area and turns detection back on when it returns. Many people would find that useful, and I wouldn't mind if it was one of the options. In my particular case, I'd rather have ”one click”.




    This feature request has been submitted now.

    Any thoughts on when a user has battery-powered cameras and several RLC-410 cameras on the App, then what the universal PIR ON/OFF switch will do to these non-battery camera models?

    Also, where on the App UI do you advise to put the universal PIR ON/OFF switch? Do you have any idea? The premise is not making the App UI look messed up. And those who don't have battery-powered cameras on his App will not hate it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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