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    I have updated a few different Reolink NVRs that I work with to the latest firmware available on the website. Something that I am noticing is that the NVRs are losing connection and require me to do a hard reboot to get them back online. Is there a known issue? How can I troubleshoot this to try and figure out how to solve it?



    May I know the model number of your NVR system? If it's possible, you may downgrade the firmware to the previous one to see whether it solves the problem. Then it will be double confirmed. Thank you very much for your understanding!



    I recently updated to this firmware as well and am having the same issue with constant video lost connection issues.

    My model number is RLN16-410 running 1803060 firmware.

    Please advise.



    Hi Corey, the latest firmware for your NVR is N180811, refer to /firmware/. If it still doesn't work, please go to to submit a request to the support team and they'd help you to solve it. Have a nice day!



    Hey Carl,

    Updated NVR to N180811 and the cameras to their latest firmware and am still having the same issue.

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