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    Hi all,

    There must be someone who has tried to install a 5TB or larger HDD inside the reolink NVR's (8 to 16 channel).

    I know officially they only support 3x 4TB drives but before I go out and buy a 8TB single disk I'd like to know this answer.

    Reolink – its been a almost a year since someone else asked/requested this, can your company not get a single 5TB or larger HDD and test this out yourself?  I imagine this is a highly requested item if someone has all 16 channels recording 24/7 at a 8192kb bitrate (highest).  I would love to install 2x 8TB drives in my unit if possible.



    Dear Alireza,

    Please kindly note that HDD larger than 4TB is not supported on Reolink NVR for recording storage.

    Reolink Digital Technology Co., Ltd |



    Hello – I have a RLN16-410 NVR with one internal 3TB disk. I want to add a second internal disk and am wondering if it has to be a 3TB to match the other disk, or can it be a 4TB? Second question is whether there is a recommended brand and model disk to buy in either 3TB or 4TB. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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