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    Hi all,

    Looking for some ideas here. I like the look of the Reolink hardware and the quality looks pretty good. Unfortunately I need a bit more flexibility in the setup.

    I require a snapshot and live stream from each camera. I use them for HomeKit and domoticz integration. Also use the CGI URL's to add all cameras to just one app.

    So, I added the cameras to the NVR (RLC-410's to RLK8-410 with PoE). There doesn't appear to be a CGI to grab the snapshot or live feeds from camera so I decided to add the camera's to a PoE network switch. I can now access the two CGI feeds directly from the camera however I cannot find a way to add the cameras to the NVR. It appears the NVR only looks at the PoE ports for cameras.

    Can any of you out there find a solution to this?

    Many many thanks in advance!!

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