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    Problem: I get no alert notifications on my iPhone when I am not at home (neither push nor e-mail).
    When I am home and connected with my wifi, I get the push notification and also an e-mail when motion is detected.

    I setup my Argus, the camera is in wifi, connection to internet is working and the PIR is on.
    Push notification is set on, also allowed in IOS settings for the app.
    E-Mail notification is also turned on, I get the test mail when I try if the settings work.

    So, that is strange ...

    It is definitely no problem with my internet connection, because when I am not at home I can connect to my Argus and few live picture or recorded events. The only thing is, I do not get any kind of notifications from my Argus when motion is recognized. There's also no problem recording the motion.

    Anyone an idea? Is this a bug?


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