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    I recently purchased the Argus Pro with a solar panel. I've had the camera up and running about a week over wifi.

    The live feed works great with no distortion when viewing from the Android phone software and my macbook with the app.

    However, I have noticed issues with majority saved files on the SD and cloud.

    On my macbook I'll use the reolink app to download some of the files saved on the SD card. When playing them back with VLC player or quicktime or even playing them back on the reolink app for that matter.. They will start off looking completely green, then the video will show movement all distorted and and audio will cut in and out. If I try playing a video from the cloud file.. The same thing occurs..

    Is there a way to troubleshoot this issue? I have the record time set to post 30 seconds. I can't even get one video file to play that long without the video file being complete crap. I had the time set to 8 seconds post recording prior. However, the device would stop recording with movement in plain sight! The unit has a strong wifi signal and 100% charge.. I've tried reformatting the card using the Camera and rebooting the device..

    I'll be happy to share any of the videos as an example..

    My Firmware is: 1221_246_237_23
    Config: v2.0.0.0
    Hardware: BIPC_36S3216MC5C

    The unit



    Here is a example of a video recorded earlier..

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    Thank you for the video sharing. We suggest you change a Micro SD card for a test, the standard may refer to Choose Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras.
    If the problem still exists after changing the Micro SD card, please send an email to We will check it for you soon, thanks.

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