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    ”Scenes” could control the PIR of battery-powered cameras, and also that the option of ”scenes” was visible or collapsed by default.

    *** SCENES with control over PIR ***
    If you have multiple battery-powered cameras at home and multiple family members share the account, controlling the cameras now is a hassle. When a person gets home, they should be able to deactivate the PIR of all the cameras by pressing a ”scene”, so that no notifications reach other family members.

    Currently ”scenes” does not control the PIR (which is established at the camera level), scenes only controls the notifications (which are established at the level of each user), so that even if that user deactivates the notifications, they will reach the rest of the users. Of course you can deactivate the PIR directly in each camera, but if you have multiple cameras it is a hassle to press the PIR button camera by camera every time you arrive or leave the house.

    *** SCENES visible by default ****
    Also, now ”scenes” is hidden by default. There should be the option for scenes to be visible or collapsed by default.

    Please, configure ”scenes” to allow handling of PIR and display mode by default.
    Thank you.



    Thank you so much for your kind suggestion for us!
    I have forwarded your idea to our R&D team, we will consider your request seriously and work hard to make our products and the software better.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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