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    Kevin Korotev

    I am using Reolink client with solar powered Argus 2.

    1) Is it true that client will NOT automatically login and connect to battery/solar powered Argus 2 cameras?

    2) Is there some inherent problem with this set-up and recording triggered by motion detection? (It isn't working).

    3) Any reason my live camera view is very washed out while my recordings are beautiful?

    Hope to hear from you.
    Kevin Korotev



    Thank you for supporting Reolink. Glad to help you solve those problems.
    1. You need to add the camera via UID and password to build the connection between the Reolink Client and the camera.
    2. Do you mean the camera can't be trigger by motion and can't record normally? You can refer to How to Set Motion Detection Recording to Micro SD Card for Reolink Cameras for a check.
    3. What does the image looks like when you live view this camera? Could you please take a screenshot and send an email to Our support team will check it for you soon. Thanks.



    Is there any way to find UID on Argus2 OTHER THAN the sticker with scan code on the camera itself?
    The sticker is so tiny it's impossible to read, especially when it is partially obliterated.
    Additionally, on a camera that is already mounted and/or at a remote location it's extremely inconvenient at best, if not impossible.
    I have been struggling with install of 2 Argus2 cams on the Win Client for days – to no avail.
    These apps are in need of a MAJOR overhaul when it comes to useability!
    2 hard wired Reos work fine in the Win Client and in the Android App as well but REFUSE to connect in WC always reporting ”login error – password incorrect” (following your tutorial, entering UID, using the same device name that works in Android app on phone, and same DEVICE password (tried using account password as well = same error.



    If the error message is incorrect password and you can't enter the correct one, you need to reset the camera to the default setting. But you must take off the camera for setting it up. If you are worried about the loss of the QR code, you can also find it in the back of the camera after removing the battery. If you've configured the camera successfully, you can find the UID in Share page and print it down for further use. Refer to Share Your Configured Cameras/NVRs with Others/Other Phones.
    If the problem goes on after you reset it, could you please send an email to Our support team will check it for your soon. Thanks.

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