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    Hello guys,

    My live stream will constantly go blank after few hours or even minutes. After few hours of having a good live stream, the camera screen would just show a blank grey screen (same as once you pause/stop the live stream), but the live stream logo would still show up. I would have to manually click stop and resume the live stream for it to work. Sometimes, live stream wont work again despite pressing the stop button so I have to restart the client. I have four rlc-410ws connected to my wireless router. Stream quality and fps are amazing on all four cameras but its quite disappointing to see four cameras all refusing to show live stream after I have come back home from work. I have a spare TV which is dedicated to show live stream on it in order to check to see who's at the front door and so on.

    Everything works fine during this 'grayed out’ period, scheduled recording, motion detection recording and snapshots will all work.. It just does not have the live feed showing on the screen.

    Anyone have any idea on why this keeps happening? I'm to a point where I'm contemplating on making a script to stop-and-restart the program and live stream in order to automate the process.




    The reason why this happened may be because the camera has been disconnected once from the Reolink Client software, since live view is set to have no feed by default when the camera firstly connects to the client software, there will be no live feed when the camera connects back to the Reolink client software.
    May I know have the following information:
    1. Will all the cameras loss their feed at the same time?
    2. How is the Wi-Fi signal strength on the cameras?
    3. How far away are the cameras from the router, are there any obstacles between the router and cameras? How many? What material?
    Thanks in advance.

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