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    I've bought a RLC-420 in order to test some of the features available and the firmware in general.

    So far everything looks about nice, but one thing really bothers me:

    Those cameras are designed for outdoor-usage, but there is no Port-Security-Authentication method available?
    (Such as 802.1X?)

    Meaning, everyone could just dismount any (outdoor) camera and connect whatever device in order to access the local network?

    – Port Security Settings on any Switch are not sufficient to deal with this, as they are only using MAC-based filters. (We all know, MAC-Spoofing is as easy as changing your IP-Address)
    – A dedicated VLAN might add some security, but also comes with the drawback of requiring a more complex setup in order to access each camera from a local pc, or when storing the cameras data on a local NAS.

    Are there any plans for 802.1X to be integrated into the cameras firmware?
    (Or is it already, and I wasn't able to find it?)


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    +1 for support of 802.1x for external PoE cameras. So far, I've implemented a router script to alert for unplug events — clearly would be better to authenticate each client.


    +1 for support of 802.1x and 3party certificates, being able to upload certificates for use with both 802.1x and HTTPS/443



    Are there any news regarding 802.1X?

    IMHO this should be a firmware/software thing only?

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