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    I'm in Phoenix. Summer temps exceed 110F regularly, and sometimes the overnight temp does not fall below 90. Has the Argus been tested for tolerance to these conditions? Will the motion detection function properly when the ambient temperature is the same or greater than normal body temperature? How will battery life be affected by high temperatures like ours? Does the app alert the user when the battery is low? Finally, even though one of the Argus’ features is wireless operation, is there a wired-power option (for use in areas where power is available, the camera is likely to be frequently triggered and thus battery life would be diminished?)



    I lived about 20 years in Phoenix myself and understand the extreme heat that one can experience; but it is a dry heat.  🙂

    Nearly all of the Reolink products show their operating environment between 14F – 131F, however there is not any published specification for the Argus just yet that I could find.  I would assume it would be the same or close to their other products (131F), but wait for the company to answer this one; sorry.

    The PIR sensor in the Argus is optical with the night vision using infrared light and not a heat sensor like Flir.  So, unless the heat is enough to impact what the camera sees, it would not be effected by the heat.  For example, if you have the camera pointed towards hot pavement where there one can see optically heat rising upwards, this could set off the PIR sensor; but the Argus also have three levels of sensitivity one can use (low, med, high).  You may need to just play with this option to get the best results.

    As you may be aware, nearly all batteries are impacted by high heat, and I would assume this to be the case with even lithium batteries, but again I would leave this to Reolink to answer.  Not my area of expertise.  The application does have some alerting and visibility to the battery level.  There is no option for power on the Argus except for battery, no DC or AC available.

    You can see some images and read my review at:  if interested.

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    Working temperature for Reolink outdoor cameras: 14F – 131F
    If the ambient temperature is the same or greater than normal body temperature, the camera will still work properly. But the detection distance may be shorter. And just as Quella said, high temperature will have effect on battery life. When the batteries are running low, you will be alerted by the App. You can purchase some rechargeable version of CR123A batteries to use. The battery power is the only option. No wire power is supported, my friend 🙂
    Thank you for your support for Reolink.


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