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    Just registered. I'm considering buying a reolink 4mp Poe IP can but can't find any detailed guide to the options and usuage of the web based configuration interface. I intend to use ispy and my own solutions.

    1)Any guide please?

    2)do reolink offer an MPEG or mjpeg substream option? (Like amcrest)I ask because Ispy has horribly high cpu usuage using h264 via VLC.
    What is the MPEG or mjpeg url?

    3) when the camera detects motion does it also capture jpeg stills at a user defined interval to the ftp site while uploading the h264 main stream to the ftp site too? (Like amcrest)

    4) if I poll the camera (no motion) on the jpeg url does it also store to the ftp site? I'd prefer that it didn't or had an option not too so I don't fill the ftp site while monitoring jpegs for motion in Ispy.



    To view and set up the camera on the web based configuration interface, you may refer to /faq/browsers-can-you-use-to-see-videos-captured-by-reolink-cameras/
    We do not have the MPEG option, but offer RTSP or RTMP stream option. You can also use the FTP feature to upload pictures or recordings to your FTP site (Setup guide-/faq/set-up-ftp-in-reolink-client/ ). When you pull a jpeg from the camera, there will be no image uploaded to the FTP.



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