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    I ordered 150 feet of CAT6 cable from Amazon without realizing that there is an indoor and outdoor version of the cable. I received the indoor version and have it partially installed outdoors with Arrow T59 Staples. Should I replace my cable with the outdoor cable and do I need larger staples and a new staple gun? My Arrow T59 staple gun can use up to 5/16 x 5/16 staples.




    This indoor/outdoor CAT6 cable depends on your local codes and or use-case.  Your situation may not be a big deal to use indoor cable, but be aware that it may wear due to the conditions where outdoor cable would not.  It is all low voltage, and if you wanted you could encase the cable run in a plastic conduit going up the house, etc.

    I went the other way with my install and purchased 1000′ (for 12 cameras) of outdoor/burial ready CAT6 cable because I was also using some cable for conduit runs buried underground between a house and barn requiring this type of cable.  I used what was left to run from the POE switch/NVR to the cameras themselves.

    Be aware that outdoor cable is a bit more difficult to work with as it is a little thicker making it harder to attach the ends, etc.  Often this outdoor cable is also coated with a waxy substance making it easier to pull though conduits and such.  Me living in a harsher part of the country, I wanted to go with outdoor material all around.  A bit more pricy, but once run, it should stay that way no matter the weather.

    Just a few things to think about.  Sorry, I did not staple any of mine as it was run under siding and also in a barn where I used plastic screw-on mounts that are made to hold cable via a cable strap.  I went black the whole way and it look not too bad.

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    I replaced the indoor Cat6 cable with Amazon 150ft Cat6 Outdoor Waterproof Ethernet Cable Direct Burial (600 MHZ) Shielded (PURE COPPER),$79.95.
    Diameter of the cable was 0.300 inch, and I used the Arrow T59 stapler with 5/16 x 5/16 staples for my cedar house. Part of the cable will be underground.

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